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Every service gives your party a free entry for all party attendees into one of our friendly private online video game competitions.

Mobile Game Theater

This is the one you’ve heard about! Our most popular birthday party service – an absolutely awesome experience


Laser Tag

Indoor and outdoor, high energy fun on a whole new level. The older the players, the better it gets!


Virtual Reality

Play with friends in a virtual world.


Mobile Arena

Have an arcade with the greatest games in your basement or at your event!  Choose from options for as few as 8 simultaneous players, and as many as 40.


Save with Last Minute Deals

The same great products and services, with awesome savings!

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Game TheaterLaser TagVirtual RealityMobile ArenaAwesome Savings
$549 (2hr)$549 (90 min)$549 (90 min)$1,199$449 - $499
Games for all ages! Party with music inside your own private gaming lounge/theater for 2 hours. Includes entire game library, gamer chairs, big-screen TVs, and the latest gaming consoles.Laser tag on a new level with advanced equipment and game modes. Battle your friends in the school gym, football field, or your office space.Meta Quest headsets with the latest games for virtual experiences. Compete or cooperate with other vr avatars for team building, communication, or other postive outcomes.A game room for your party or event. Game consoles, controllers, tvs, tables, chairs, and even internetEnjoy awesome savings by booking last minute deals during our specials in your area!

Why NExt Level Gaming

Beyond parties, Experiences

You’re looking for the best.  You’ve found it!
Our relationship with you and your party goes beyond our amazing game theater, advanced laser tag, immersive virtual reality, or crowd-pleasing mobile arena.  Every private party attendee is automatically eligible to play in one of our online, live-streamed tournaments just for fun and the experience.

Serving You, Serving your community

After the best party ever, we help you take you take it a step further.  Any registered school you choose gets a $25 credit toward any of our services for the school.  Even better – when a school earns ten credits, we match the balance to provide a FREE event to that school.

We are a 5-star company for a reason… because while our price is competitive with others in the industry, the service, team, products, and experiences we provide far exceed the competition.  Our game coaches spend extensive time training so you can feel secure that your party is managed by a professional.  All you need to do is let us run the show while you sit back, have a relaxing beverage, keep a clean house, and enjoy the peace.  We got you!

Well, we don’t like to call it a Game Truck… it’s a Game THEATER!  Take one step inside our mobile setup and you’ll see why.  Our game theater is the only one equipped with awesome gamer chairs. We do parties for all ages (8+), at most hours!  Book from here or call us!  We typically arrive 10 minutes early, run an awesome, age-appropriate party, and our coaches manage the whole thing!  We have the most popular games including Roblox, Fortnite, Super Smash, FIFA, 2K, Madden, Gang Beasts, and much more. Book early though!  Weekends fill up fast.

Laser tag Party

This isn’t the old days of just going onto a warehouse and running around like a madman shooting anything that moves.  We are tactical!  We have objectives.  We have to think.  
Our system is so advanced that, with our app, players can use their smartphones to act as a heads-up display and control center.  Book your party and leave the rest to us!

PackagesBasic Laser TagMid-Level PackageAdvanced Experience
Price$549 (90 min)$799 (120 min)$1,299 (120 min)
Additional hour$249$249$549

We LOVE gaming!  We hope you, your family, and your friends do too!  As a service, and because the parties you have with us allow us to, we do free weekly tournaments where you can win in-game currency (vbucks, Cod Points, and more) for whatever we’re playing!!!  Open to all ages (with parental permission if you’re under 13). All for absolutely ZERO cost!

But wait, we make it EVEN BETTER!  We live stream the games on our YouTube channel so you actually interact with us and show you skills to all the viewers.

We also run private organization online live streamed tournaments.  These are especially popular with schools who want to engage their students in a place the kids already live.  Just click below to learn more and we’ll get you going!

They’re going to stay up all night anyway.  Why not make the sleepover party even more epic with lots of video games they can play together!    Call  us and we will bring five 50″ tvs and as many consoles including Xboxes, Playstations, and Nintendo Switches, and twenty controllers so the whole party can have an unforgettable blast all night long!

Party Pack (Small)Party Pack (Large)Entertainment Pack
5 Hours$899$1,399$1,399
Add'l Hour$149$249$249

Enjoy a futuristic experience with friends.  Some of the most popular console games take on an entirely new dimension when they are experienced in virtual reality.  Next Level Gaming virtual reality parties use Meta Quest 2 systems, loaded with popular and unique team and individual games.  This service is reserved for people 10+, and is a solid choice when planning an awesome party.

PackagesAwesome VR PartyExtended VR Party 
$499 (60min)$999 (120min) 
Additional 30 minutes$149$199 

A personal message from Willie Blount, the Owner and Founder of Next Level Gaming.

Thank you for exploring our page. I am really happy you came by and the excellent NLG team will be excited to serve you!  Each and every service you see on our page is loaded with high quality, personal customization which can be found absolutely nowhere else.  If you have any questions, give us a call and we will work to exceed your expectations and earn your business.  I look forward to having my incredible team give your family, friends, guests, and visitors an experience they’ll absolutely rave about.  Book with us and prepare to be wow’d!  

Thank you so much!
Willie Blount, Owner
Next Level Gaming

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We know that parents are always looking for the best mix of value and entertainment when planning a party. We’ve been there, too.

Searching for a new and unique party entertainment idea suitable for a wide range of ages and tastes? We’ve got it!

Next Level Gaming brings Maryland’s most amazing video game theater and tactical laser tag right to you. We didn’t just “hop along for the ride” when it came to bringing the best party systems to your home.




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