Mobile Arena Events and Parties

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The Game room you rent

Rental Gaming Equipment

Stay up all night with the ultimate sleepover party, host your own tournament with your buds, entertain the gamers at the family reunion, no matter what, you’ll need equipment.

How it works

You select a time for the party, two Next Level Gaming coaches show up and you point them to where the setup will be.  The coaches will set all of the equipment and go over the basic setup with you and confirm it all works.  After your time is up, the coaches return, inspect that everything still works, pack up the gear and head out. If you decide you want the coaches to stay and manage the event, we can do that too!

Package options

Party Pack (Small)

  • Four Gaming Consoles
  • Four 24″ Gaming Monitors
  • Eight Gaming Controllers
  • Four Tables
  • Eight Chairs

Party Pack (Large)

  • Eight Gaming Consoles
  • Eight 24″ Gaming Monitors
  • Sixteen Gaming Controllers
  • Eight Tables
  • Sixteen Chairs

Entertainment Pack

  • Five Gaming Consoles
  • Five 50″ Flat TVs
  • Twenty Gaming Controllers
  • Five Tables
  • Twenty Chairs

Large Game Format Pack

  • Two Gaming Consoles
  • 120″ Screen and Projector
  • Up to 100 player capacity
  • Large Speakers
  • Karaoke Equipment
Party Pack (Small)Party Pack (Large)Entertainment PackLarge Game Format Pack
5 Hours$899$1,399$1,399$1399 ($899 add-on)
Add'l Hour$149$249$249$249 ($149 add-on)
24 Hours$1,799$2,799$2,799$2799 ($1,799 add-on)

In every package, we bring nearly everything you need to enjoy gaming with your people!  This includes screens, consoles, controllers (although players are welcome to bring their own), tables, chairs, power strips, games, an internet router and complete setup and teardown. The only things you provide are shelter (indoors) and electricity.

where we Setup?

We can setup anywhere you like. One of our few setup rules is that we do not travel up or down more than one flight of stairs.  We are happy to ride a freight elevator as high or as low as it goes.
We can set up in one room or several.  We can orient the tvs side-by-side or back-to-back.  All we need is safe access to power from each location.  

Does Staff Stay?

They stay only if you want (for a fee or free for events which are 3 hours or less), but never for overnight events.  Our team will set up and test all systems, then typically, we will leave. 
Our team is great with kids and teens, but a local, responsible adult must be onsite and accessible at all times.

Your Party Our Equipment

NExt LEvel Gaming Mobile Arena Features

XBoxes, Playstations

Take five 50″ tvs and choose your console combination.  We also provide five consoles with four controllers each and plenty of games.
Each player can select the game(s), or all players can play games together across consoles and even host their own touraments!

The Games

That answer largely depends on the console(s) you select. Generally speaking, these are the games you can expect:
Madden, FIFA, NBA2K, Fortnite, Warzone, Apex Legends, Super Smash Bros, Gang Beasts, Street Fighter, Just Dance, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Roblox, Fall Guys, Sonic the Hedgehog and more. We do take special game requests for an extra fee.

Our Coaches

Our team will come out inside a designated time window and set up our entire system at your location.  After setup, they will thoroughly test to ensure the systems work and the internet is present (we cannot guarantee internet access if local access is not available).  When it’s all over, the coaches come get it all!

All the support equipment

All you need to provide is space and power.  We provide everything necessary to enjoy a bunch of gaming systems including the tables the tvs and consoles are set on. We are prepared to even provide 20 chairs if needed.

Portable Network

What are modern gaming consoles without the internet? When we show up, we set up our portable gaming router and internet so you can use the internet to play against each other or against the rest of the world.  In most cases, we will prefer to connect to the location’s router for optimum internet speed.

Personal Accounts

We allow players to log on with their personal accounts to play their games on our systems.  The personal player accounts *must* be removed before we pick up the systems.  
We will have Next Level Gaming accounts available for use as well.


How does the booking time work?

We have a 6 hour minimum for the rentals.  If you don’t need the system for the full time, that’s okay, we’ll come get it early, or drop it off a little later.
The 6 hours does include setup, but not include teardown (you’re not charged extra). So, when you book, make sure the start time is at least an hour before the actual event time.  We will show up, need access, and use that time to setup.  
Example:  Event begins at 11am, so set the booking to begin at 10am.

How do I make keep the game coaches for the event?

By default, we drop off the equipment and then leave it for your guests to enjoy.  There is a fee to keep two members on site (we always send two people for setup and teardown).  Just select “Keep the Coaches” at checkout.  There is a fee associated with keeping them.  We do not stay overnight.


How far do you travel for the Mobile Arena

We will travel up to 90 miles from home base for full-day events only.