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Meta Quest 2

Have a party in another world, right from home.  Meta Quest 2 is one of the most popular standalone virtual reality platforms in the world.  

We don’t only bring a bunch of virtual reality headsets to you.  We load them up with tested and exciting games, most of which are multiplayer, so the party can play in the metaverse together on Next Level Gaming accounts, protecting the gamers from any personal exposure to online entities.  In fact, many of the games are set up only to allow known friends (accounts) to communicate with each other.

Our VR Parties

Book a virtual reality party with us and we will come to you, set up, and introduce a variety of games for the players to try play and experience immersive vr apps. 

Next Level Gaming vr parties are only for players ages 10 and up.  We do not allow anyone under 10 years old to operate the systems.

Give them a futuristic experience with friends they’ll never forget.  Some of the most popular console games take on an entirely new dimension when they are experienced in virtual reality.  Next Level Gaming virtual reality parties will be executed with the same excellent service and “all-in” energy our game theater and laser tag customers have already become accustomed to.

where we Setup

We can set up indoors in a large, well-ventilated or air conditioned area ideally about 400sq ft. Alternatively, we can set up and operate in apartment clubhouses, gyms, classrooms, community centers, indoor soccer fields,  and when the weather is appropriate, outdoors with our custom inflatable VR shelter.  What we *cannot* do is set up outside in poor weather or in sunlight.

We play every game we add to our vr library.  That said, we also listen when experienced customers introduce us to a new or different game we’ve never seen.  Our games include the likes for Beat Saber, Super Hot, Dance Central, Minecraft, Stride, Fruit Ninja, and more.  

Our Most Popular Games

Our Other Fun Games

We're Virtually Unbeatable

PackagesFour Headset EventEight Headset Event
Weekend$499 (60min)$999 (120min)
Additional 30min$149$229
SummaryExperience virtual reality with friends. Join a world where the impossible is just the beginning. for Ages 10+ Enjoy virtual gaming with more of your friends at the same time.
Ideal ForSmall Gaming Birthday Parties for ages 10 - 110Gaming Parties, Sporting Events, School Events, Fun Gatherings
Recommended Max Players8 Players16 Players
Max Simultaneous Players4 Players8 Players
Game Coaches Provided1 Coach2 Coaches
Virtual Reality Party
Virtual reality by Next Level Gaming
a man playing with VR consoles

NExt LEvel Gaming Virtual REality Features

Meta Quest 2

Our VR systems are comprised of the most popular and most sold consumer grade virtual reality systems ever devised.  We bring 8 units which can be played independently or together in the metaverse.

VR Support Equipment

We have designed a support system so each VR headset has its own system so the players can be spread as far apart as necessary while the game coach can still actively monitor each system to ensure help is there when needed.

Our Coaches

The game coaches know and understand the virtual reality systems and are happy to introduce the players to appropriate games, get them playing, and wipe down the systems between uses.

Play together or alone

We are strong proponents of ‘together play’.  As such, all of the Next Level Gaming vr accounts are ‘friends’ can easily join each other in most games, or while exploring the metaverse. That said, sometimes people wish to explore on their own.  We certainly allow that too, but we still keep any eye on the screen in case help is needed.

Portable Network

The metaverse without internet isn’t so great. So, we bring our own internet with us. If we are operating in a location with poor internet, we try to connect via ethernet to the local router.

Inflatable Metaverse

This inflatable is reserved for events which will run 4+ hours, festivals, large corporate events, and our Hyper-Premium parties. With about 500 square feet of playable space, operators can enjoy the metaverse even in a field on a sunny day. This creates an ideal virtual reality experience for outdoor events including school field days, festivals, and corporate outings.