Which Type of Gamer Are You?

Which Type of Gamer Are You - NextLevelGamingMD

Have you ever wondered which type of gamer you are? Gamers these days come in different ages as the gaming community continues to grow and options have become accessible as ever before. Find out which kind of gamer you are with the common types we have listed below!

#1 The Hardcore Gamer

We all know someone who is a dedicated gamer and invests so much time in playing video games. Their ultimate goal is to reach all levels to dominate the game. They have mastered every aspect and the whole game mechanics.

Of course, Hardcore gamers are always updated and have spent tons of money to purchase items or new characters to spice up their ranks. 

They are so competitive that you might find them intimidating sometimes! This is where you can find the pool of experts or game coaches, that’s why you’ll probably catch them competing in an E-Sports tournament.  

#2 A Casual Gamer

They are considered the best type of players and are called the “neutral good players” who are not “noobs” but not the best of the bests. According to Game Designing, casual gamers make up a huge portion of the gaming population. Casual gamers came to play to have a good time and don’t usually spend the whole day sitting in front of the gaming chair. 

Hackernoon says that “casual gamers mostly spend an average of around 6.68 hours of gaming in a week compared to professional gamers who spend more than 11 hours of gaming.”

So are you part of the casual gamer community? Definitely, we are! 

#3 The Observer or The Backseat Gamer

The type of gamer who loves to watch others play and refuses to take the controller. 

They can have different personalities too; sometimes they can be annoying because it’s either they will keep asking questions about the game or will coach you non-stop even though you didn’t ask for it. On the bright side, the backseat gamer will cheer you on and will keenly observe how you play. 

#4 Nostalgic Gamer

Have you met an old-school player? A nostalgic gamer prefers retro gaming consoles. They are indeed knowledgeable about the history of each old console. They treat these old-school games as a religion and might have refused to switch to modern games. 

Nostalgic gamers most probably have a collection of the classics like Nintendo DS, Gameboy, and such. But, as expected they have surely bought the latest Nintendo Switch to add to their collection. 

#5 The Streamer

The rise of streaming platforms such as Twitch is the reason for the birth of streamers. The common ground among streamers is to give entertainment and strategic advice to their viewers. Here are the most common types of video game streamers:

  • Professional Streamer – They are almost the same with hardcore gamers but these are the large streaming groups with famous professional gamers who have thousands of viewers and followers across the globe. Professional streamers are considered celebrities in the gaming world. They usually stream to teach other gamers how to improve their tactics and to rule the game.
  • Entertainer Streamer – Similar to casual gamers who don’t necessarily need to be outstanding throughout the game but to show they’re having fun while playing. Entertainers interact with their viewers and make humorous commentaries while gaming.

#6 The Cheater

Admit it, you have cheated or used MOD once in your life and that’s totally fine! Some gamers do it for fun especially when you’re playing alone or your team has agreed to use MOD. 

A cheater does it for bragging rights. They exploit bugs and other cheat codes to win and purchase gaming items for free. They do it so they will surpass the challenging part of the game easily. At the end of the day, being classified as a “cheater” boils down to your intention. 

#7 The Party Gamer

A hybrid of a casual gamer but came to a party to target their neighbor’s gaming console. Instead of grooving on the dance floor or chitchatting, you’ll find them smashing the controller. They will also challenge some of the guests to beat them. A party gamer rules the video game truck at every party!

It doesn’t matter what kind of gamer you are, what really matters is the satisfaction & happiness each game is giving and how you cooperate with your team. Have you encountered a different type of gamer we forgot to mention? Let us know!