Which Gaming Console and Platforms are Right For You?

Which Gaming Console and Platforms are Right For You

With so many options to choose from, deciding which console to buy is quite a tough call. There are so many things to consider; budget, quality, lifespan, advantages, and disadvantages.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the top gaming platforms to know which one is right for you.

#1 Gaming PC

It is common knowledge that PCs are a long-term investment. It can be used more freely compared to other consoles. Gaming PCs have more advantages such as better graphics, options to upgrade their parts, and a greater variety of video games since you can install them unaccompanied. Additionally, you will be able to play with the mouse, keyboard, or even a controller.

However, you have to know the required specs that can cost you more to guarantee a smooth gaming experience. You can check the recommended PC gaming system requirements by Intel for the specific video games you want to play. At least, you will always have options to build your PC to save up a bit from the cost.

Verdict: If you prefer a more versatile machine and a system you can upgrade on your own anytime, opt for a gaming pc instead. 

#2 Home Gaming Console

Gaming Consoles do have some advantages over a gaming PC. Consoles such as Playstation, Xbox, or Wii are built with exclusive video games that you cannot always play on your PC.

Their advantage is you will not deal with pesky drivers while installing a game. You won’t have to face the struggle of configuring a new game on a PC.

These consoles are built for easier access where you can operate and play games from the comfort of your sofa. The controllers are also designed in a way that you won’t have to fiddle around to find the right spot.

Another edge of these gaming consoles is that they are a bit cheaper than a gaming PC.Check out Pocket Lint’s list of 2021 best gaming consoles here.

Verdict: Xbox or Playstation might be the one for you if you prefer a quick set-up play.

#3 Handheld Gaming

If you are the kind of gamer who likes to keep themselves occupied, past time while traveling, and play their favorite games anywhere & anytime, a handheld console is perfect for you. The handheld consoles are made to be portable, lightweight, and with a well-built battery that works for longer playing hours.

Nintendo Switch is one of the best options you can have. It is an absolute classic packed with gorgeous graphics, great gaming selection, hybrid design, and built-in multiplayer.

The newest Nintendo 2DS XL can be your option too. It is equipped with a Sturdy clamshell design that comes with a second screen and an excellent library of video games.

Handheld consoles are less expensive and much affordable compared to Playstation, Xbox, or a gaming PC. 

Verdict: If you love games-on-the go, choose a handheld gaming device.

#4 Mobile Gaming

Compared to owning handheld consoles, a mobile phone is more practical because not only can you use it for gaming but also for browsing the internet, social networking, and a lot more. 

According to Newzoo, there were 2.69 billion mobile gamers globally in 2020. Basically, all of us have been playing mobile games. It is more accessible compared to all options. Just a click on Google Play Store or Apple Store, the games are on your fingers right away. 

However, like the other gaming platforms, you should also consider the specs of your mobiles especially if you opt to play graphic-loaded games. Not all smartphone’s operating systems can carry such huge gaming storage and memory. Lastly, smartphone specs are always updating. 

See Techradar’s list of the top 10 mobile game performers here.

Verdict: Choose mobile gaming if you’re thinking about practicality and convenience.

#5 Virtual Reality Gaming

From Oculus to Valve Index, VR gaming is absolutely a total game-changer. As of Statista, the global revenue within the VR gaming industry is forecast to grow from 0.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 to 2.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2024.

The advantage of VR gaming amongst the platform is the immersive and realistic experience it provides whether it is tethered or wireless. It is built for easy use and setup with investment-worthy graphics.

Instead of slouching all day while playing, VR gaming allows you to be more physically active. You can walk, jump, or move your arms around to complete the objective of the video game. 

The prices for VR sets & headsets vary. The Oculus Quest is a remarkably good value at $300 while Playstation VR can be sold for a higher price because of its bundled extra games and accessories.

Verdict: If you would like to level up your gaming experience, then virtual gaming is the choice.

Have you decided which gaming platform fits your needs? Let us know!