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We take video game parties
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gamer chairs in the game theater

Our Game Theater

With gaming for up to 32 at one time, and the only CUSTOMIZABLE FLOOR PLAN in the mobile gaming industry, our game truck is just as suited for a birthday party as it is for a full video game tournaments…perfect for block parties, family reunions, sports events and promotional functions, too!

Our Video Game Parties

Whether it’s a birthday party, private party or neighborhood party, Next Level Gaming brings the fun right to you! Our spacious and high-tech custom video game theater will take your party to the Next Level!

It’s not just for kids!  We do parties for all ages (8+), at most hours!  Book from here or call us!  We typically arrive 10 minutes early, run an awesome, age-appropriate party, and our coaches manage the whole thing!  We have the most popular games including Roblox, Fortnite, Super Smash, FIFA, 2K, Madden, Gang Beasts, and much more. Book early though!  Weekends fill up fast.

Outdoor & Karaoke

Enjoy the fresh air with the Outdoor Party Package and add 3 screens and 4 speakers to the outside of the theater to stream your favorite sport, movies, or play games like Just Dance.  For a little  extra, enjoy 2 additional high quality speakers and wireless microphones to show your party you can sing! 

Play all sorts of games from old titles to the newest titles.  Of course we have the favorites for the older ‘kids’ such as PacMan, Galaga, and Tetris.  The younger kids will have a great time with Super Smash Bros, Madden, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and a wide range of other games. 

You'll have a Great time with us

PackagesAwesome Game Theater PartyOutdoor Game Theater PartyNeighborhood Game Theater Party
Weekend/Weekday$499/$449 (2hr)$599/$599 (2hr)$909/$859 (3hr)
Additional Hour$199$229$259
SummaryGames for all ages! Party with music inside your own private gaming lounge/theater for 2 hours. Includes entire game library, gamer chairs, big-screen TVs, and the latest gaming consoles.Standard Party plus 3 additional screens outside, music from four outdoor speakers for ambiance or games such as Just Dance, and an additional Nintendo and XBox on the outdoor screensOutdoor Party plus wireless microphones for karaoke, 2 additional large speakers for a total of 6 outdoor speakers and amazing sound, access to outdoor trivia and other large party games.
Ideal ForGaming Birthday Parties for ages 8 - 88Gaming Parties, Sporting Events, School Events, Fun GatheringsAdult Parties, Restaurant Nights, Company Events, Block Parties
Laser Battles That Leave 'em wanting more!

Have the Laser Tag Party
They'll Never Forget

Our Laser Tag System

If you want to have a party or event outdoors or indoors with the best, most advanced laser tag equipment on the market, look no further.  We will set up bunkers and barriers for players to hide or strategize around.  And, for our most advanced adult players, we have Next Level laser tag guns which are more realistic, a little heavier, with swappable magazines, and recoil.  Finally, in our most advanced setups, enjoy laser grenades, shock bracelets, field speakers, and fog machines.

Our Laser Tag Parties

You choose the location and we will show up with the goods.  All we need is a yard, a field or any space (indoor or outdoor) as small as the size of a basketball court or as large as a football field.  We set up several game modes and then we play!

This isn’t the old days of just going onto a warehouse and running around like a madman shooting anything that moves.  We are tactical!  We have objectives.  We have to think.  We have to work as a team… and run and shoot everything that moves.  Next Level Gaming laser tag has video game elements which make our systems stand above the rest.

Top Equipment

We did not skimp when researching, evaluating, and choosing a laser tag system to bring to our customers.  We pride ourselves on bringing experiences far superior than any competition including everything from customer service to equipment, start to finish.  Call to experience our customer service. Click below for our equipment.

Well, not exactly all ages.  We recommend ages 8+.  The great thing is we have some equipment for adults most people are unlikely to have ever seen such as laser grenades and shock bracelets.   Run a party where parents vs kids or family team vs family team… or just do the standard.  It’s great fun no matter how you play it.

You'll have a Blast with us

PackagesAwesome Laser TagSuper Sound PackageUltimate Experience
Weekend/Weekday$499/$499 (90 min)$599/$599 (120 min)$2,999/$2,999 (240 min)
Additional hour$199$199$649
SummaryLaser Tag for ages 8+. Adults and kids alike can enjoy our tactical laser tag systems and objective based games.Awesome Laser Tag plus additional speakers for more immersive games and sounds, additional utility boxes for more game objective possibilities, and an off-gun score display.Super Sound Package, with additional equipment which include 6 even more advanced laser tag guns, more utility boxes, shock bracelets, laser grenades, up to 16 inflatable bunkers, the inflatable maze/base, and laser lights for night-time gaming.
Ideal ForBirthday parties and quick eventsEvents where players are a little older (13+) and want to play games which may be a little more challengingAn ultimate laser tag experience where adults and kids test their skills and experience Call of Duty style gaming.
High Tech That’s Unmatched

Immersive Virtual Reality Parties like
You've Never seen

Meta Quest 2

Have a party in another world, right from home.  Meta Quest 2 is one of the most popular standalone virtual reality platforms in the world.  

We don’t only bring a bunch of virtual reality headsets to you.  We load them up with tested and exciting games, most of which are multiplayer, so the party can play in the metaverse together on Next Level Gaming accounts, protecting the gamers from any personal exposure to online entities.  In fact, many of the games are set up only to allow known friends (accounts) to communicate with each other.

Our VR Parties

Book a virtual reality party with us and we will come to you, set up, and introduce a variety of games for the players to try play and experience immersive vr apps. 

Next Level Gaming vr parties are only for players ages 10 and up.  We do not allow anyone under 10 years old to operate the systems.

Give them a futuristic experience with friends they’ll never forget.  Some of the most popular console games take on an entirely new dimension when they are experienced in virtual reality.  Next Level Gaming virtual reality parties will be executed with the same excellent service and “all-in” energy our game theater and laser tag customers have already become accustomed to.

where we Setup

We can set up indoors in a large, well-ventilated or air conditioned area ideally about 400sq ft. Alternatively, we can set up and operate in apartment clubhouses, gyms, classrooms, community centers, indoor soccer fields,  and when the weather is appropriate, outdoors with our custom inflatable VR shelter.  What we *cannot* do is set up outside in poor weather or in sunlight.

We play every game we add to our vr library.  That said, we also listen when experienced customers introduce us to a new or different game we’ve never seen.  Our games include the likes for Beat Saber, Super Hot, Dance Central, Minecraft, Stride, Fruit Ninja, and more.  

We're Virtually Unbeatable

PackagesAwesome VR PartyExtended VR PartyNext Level VR Party
Weekend/Weekday$449/$449 (1hr)$499/$499(90min)$549/$549 (2hr)
Additional Hour$199$199$199
SummaryExperience virtual reality with friends. Join a world where the impossible is just the beginning. for Ages 10+ A fantastic virtual reality party for more players who will share time.Two hours of epic fun for larger events. We have extra batteries.
Ideal ForSmall Gaming Birthday Parties for ages 10 - 110Gaming Parties, Sporting Events, School Events, Fun GatheringsAdult Parties, Restaurant Nights, Company Events, Block Parties
Recommended Max Players8 (everyone plays the full time)15 (players split time)22 (players split time)
We're an attraction at public events

Public Leagues, Tournaments,
Festivals & more

Laser Tag Leagues

This isn’t your standard league.  These are tactical.  You and your friends get a chance each week for the duration of the league to prove your ability to outthink, outplay, and outmaneuver opposing teams to win awards and bragging rights.  Sure, you can play Fortnite or Call of Duty, but can you perform on a laser tag field?  Yes – we do have the perks and you can compete in a battle royale!  Learn More Here!


There are few things better than a fall day playing laser tag in a corn maze or eliminating zombies who are out to get you.  Next Level Gaming enjoys setting up at these events and bringing the guests experiences they’ll not find anywhere else. Learn More Here!

Love Super Smash Bros, Street Fighter V, or NBA2k?  We travel and run tournaments at venues and events everywhere.  Come out and get your battle on with other players you’ve never met.  There’s nothing like in-person gaming competitions.  
As a venue, attract crowds with positive high-energy tournaments in popular games for all ages 

Laser Tag Tournaments
& Leagues

Live the video game, safely!  We are partnering with local gyms and other entities to build tactical laser tag leagues for various ages.  Bring yourself or up to three friends and see if you can dominate the battlefield.  Join our mailing list and be the first to know when our leagues go live.

Private or Organization Tournaments

Host your own tournaments!  Our laser tag equipment, game theater, mobile arena, our consoles, controllers, game coaches, your players, your event.  Next Level Gaming’s experienced Game Coaches will set up, moderate, and run your tournament event for you.  

All Equipment and Surfaces are Cleaned To Cdc Specifications During And After Events.

Our Team Cleans & Disinfects Our Trailers, all controllers, all seats and touched surfaces after every party.

Newer. Bigger. Better.
We are the Next Level.

We know that parents are always looking for the best mix of value and entertainment when planning a party. We’ve been there, too.

Searching for a new and unique party entertainment idea suitable for a wide range of ages and tastes? We’ve got it!

Next Level Gaming brings Maryland’s most amazing video game theater and tactical laser tag right to you. We didn’t just “hop along for the ride” when it came to bringing the best party systems to your home.


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Who We Have
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Partner with Next Level Gaming and bring exciting family entertainment right to your venue! We love to “partner up” with Metro DC, Central Maryland, and Baltimore area organizations, business, sports teams and groups of all kinds. Contact us and ask us how we can “kick it up a notch” at your next event.