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Virtual Reality Launching October 2022

VR consoles

What is a Virtual Reality Party?

Imagine being able to safely explore the metaverse with your friends, in the same room!  Next Level Gaming brings eight Meta Quest 2 systems, a complete support infrastructure, and loads of official and sideloaded popular and fun games for you to enjoy.  Let’s get in and party in a whole new world.

Our Meta systems are loaded with upgrades such as aftermarket head strap systems for balanced mounting and plenty of additional, rechargeable batteries so the fun doesn’t die when the battery does.  All systems have silicone face protectors and hand grips to make cleaning easy, and to prevent sweat from getting into the fabric.  These work really well.
VR consoles

This is the first party that comes to you, where you can stand next to your best buds, jump into Beat Saber, Dance Central, Horizon Worlds, Fruit Ninja, or even a Fortnite-style battle Royal and simultaneously practice and play to see who has the skills to be champ.  If you’ve never played Minecraft in VR, it’s a whole new and incredible experience!  We have it!

We tie all of this awesome technology and gaming together with our own gaming router.  We will either connect an ethernet cable to your network or use own own broadband internet system.  All you need to do is provide the space, and we will make sure the partiers have a great time!

How does the setup work?

Book your party with Next Level Gaming and we will handle the rest.  

Key elements for a successful event are (1) a flat, open area to set up and (2) internet access is strongly preferred but not absolutely required.

We can set up indoors in a large, well-ventilated and climate-controlled open living area ideally at least 400sq ft. A living room with furniture moved, and basements are ideal.  Alternatively, we can set up and operate in apartment clubhouses, gyms, classrooms, community centers, and when the weather is appropriate, outdoors with our custom inflatable VR shelter.  What we *cannot* do is set up outside in poor weather or in sunlight.

It takes us about 15 minutes to set up and be fully ready to serve 8 players at one time.  Larger parties are perfectly fine as the players will just be expected to take turns.  It takes about 15 minutes to tear down the system (depending on a few variables).  

Frequently Asked Questions

How old should the participants be to play?
We are running virtual reality parties for anyone turning 10 and up.  We cannot allow younger kids to operate the systems.  They can watch, however.

Where do the participants play?
In the beginning, we can play anywhere you want that has space for several players – ideally in the same space just so the wifi signal we provide can be relied upon.  We can use your garage, living room, basement, or even a very large outdoor tent. We just need to keep the systems out of direct sunlight and rain.

Are there special parking requirements?
Nope – we’ll show up in our VR transport vehicle and park where you need us, ideally close to the setup area so we don’t have to carry the equipment too far.  

Does anyone help the participants?
Yes – we send two game coaches who know VR and can make sure the gamers have a great time!

What games do you have in virtual reality?
We have a growing library.  Our team takes time to test each game before recommending adding them to the library.  You can see our list of games listed along the right side of this screen.  Some even have trailers associated.

How long should the participants be in vr before taking a break?
We advise taking breaks every 30-60 minutes while in vr.  Typically, in a party, if there only 8 or fewer players, we suggest everyone play for 30-40 minutes, take a break for food and snacks, then come back and play for the remainder of the party.  If there are 8-15 players, we will suggest half play in the for about 40 minutes, then the second half (and the guest of honor) play for about 40 minutes.  That’s usually enough.  If there are more than 16 players, we will definitely suggest you add time to the rental.

We’re ready for your big crowd

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