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It is time to experience VR in real time with friends!

Video games parties are great!  Now let’s add the virtual reality element for more immersive fun!  Host your own party with all your buds at your home, in vr.  We create a private vr lobby/party in the Metaverse where you can collectively share experiences on some of the most popular games the Oculus Quest 2 has to offer.

We come to your party location and can set up in whatever way works best for your environment.  Want us to set up our vr workspace on your medium-sized front lawn?  We can.  Want us to set up in your empty garage, yep!  Empty living room, basement, conference room, gym, or other open space, you bet!  

For a typical 90 minute party, we can swap players for shared vr time if you have more than 8 players, and we will be on site for about 2 hours (including setup and teardown).  Learn more about virtual reality parties at home!

VR Experience for Schools

Virtual Reality is great for educational experiences!

Everyone loves a field trip… except for those who have to plan and execute it.  With Next Level Gaming vr educational event the planning is minimal, the cost is negligible, and the experience opportunities are unlimited.

Our team can provide students and teachers with immersive vr programming which puts the subject right in the environment they are learning about.  Walk on the moon or swim with sharks, travel the human body as a blood cell or visit the amazon rain forest, visit the pyramids as they exist in the present or hundreds of years ago.

The idea is to bring the students different, fun, and interesting ways to learn the subjects at hand.  Check out some of the educational experiences we can share with you. Learn more about virtual reality parties at school!

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