Game Truck Features

next level gaming Party Game Truck

High-Tech Gaming with the Latest Game Consoles

The Next Level Gaming video game truck is equipped with consoles from PlayStation, XBox One, and Nintendo Switch!

Up To 15 High Definition TV Screens

We have five 55″ wall-mounted high-definition TVs inside our unit, and three more ready to mount outside so players can enjoy dancing, sports games, streaming television and movies, and even watch replicated video from the inside screens.

When we’re in “Mini-Tournament Mode,” 7 more 24″ HDTV’s swing into place for gamers playing in custom gaming chairs! Up to 32 can play at once (depending on weather for outside stations.)

Tournament Mode

Next Level Gaming has the only game theater able to switch into “Tournament Mode,” turning 7 custom gaming chairs into individual gaming stations. Each chair has its own gaming console, swing-out high-definition monitor and headset for the gamer. Get ready to go head-to-head in the most amazing game truck in Maryland! (Mini-Tournament Mode $99 additional, as it uses more resources and requires extra time for setup and teardown. See more on our Tournament Mode page here.)

Spacious and Luxurious Interior

Our Game Theater has a luxurious limo-style interior with comfortable stadium-style seating your guests will love. We have 7 1/2 foot ceilings to enhance the roomy, open feel for players.

Climate Controlled Environment

No matter what time of year, and what the weather, the Next Level Gaming video game truck is always the perfect temperature! Our game theater is fully air conditioned for hot summer days and heated for chilly days, with triple air conditioners & heaters.

Laser lighting & Kickin’ Sound

Our laser lights can change colors throughout the gaming experience, and powerful sound bars add to the gaming excitement!

Our Game Truck Supports up to 32 Players at once

We’re ready for your big crowd! With multiple gaming stations (including our outside stations) we’re equipped to allow 32 video gamers at one time!

Great Assortment of Video Games

Our game library is awesome…and ever-expanding. With the most popular video games, and more on their way, gamers be able to choose from great classics or the newest games, from combat games to role-playing, sports games and more!

Power-retractable custom Awning

We’ll keep the outside gamers comfortable and in the shade with our custom power extendable-and-retractable custom awning covering our three outside gaming stations. We’ve thought of everything!

We’ve Got the Power

We bring our own 12 kilowatt generator, so the Next Level Gaming video game truck can go just about anywhere!

Test your competition in person

Join a public tournament or set up your own private tournament with Next Level Gaming.