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We take video game parties
to the Next Level

Our Game Theater

With gaming for up to 32 at one time, and the only CUSTOMIZABLE FLOOR PLAN in the mobile gaming industry, our game truck is just as suited for a birthday party as it is for a full video game tournaments…perfect for block parties, family reunions, sports events and promotional functions, too!

Our Video Game Parties

Whether it’s a birthday party, private party or neighborhood party, Next Level Gaming brings the fun right to you! Our spacious and high-tech custom video game theater will take your party to the Next Level!

It’s not just for kids!  We do parties for all ages (8+), at most hours!  Book from here or call us!  We typically arrive 10 minutes early, run an awesome, age-appropriate party, and our coaches manage the whole thing!  We have the most popular games including Roblox, Fortnite, Super Smash, FIFA, 2K, Madden, Gang Beasts, and much more. Book early though!  Weekends fill up fast.

Next Level Gaming's Game Truck

Outdoor & Karaoke

Enjoy the fresh air with the Outdoor Party Package and add 3 screens and 4 speakers to the outside of the theater to stream your favorite sport, movies, or play games like Just Dance.  For a little  extra, enjoy 2 additional high quality speakers and wireless microphones to show your party you can sing! 

Play all sorts of games from old titles to the newest titles.  Some of our favorites include PacMan, Tetris, Super Smash Bros, Madden, NBA2k, Roblox, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, Gang Beasts, and Mario Kart.  Our library is extensive and we’re constantly adding more games!

You'll have a Great time with us

PackagesAwesome Game Theater PartyOutdoor Game Theater PartyNeighborhood Game Theater Party
$549 (2hr)$698 (2hr)$909/$859 (3hr)
Additional Hour$249$249$299
SummaryGames for all ages! Party with music inside your own private gaming lounge/theater for 2 hours. Includes entire game library, gamer chairs, big-screen TVs, and the latest gaming consoles.Standard Party plus 3 additional screens outside, music from four outdoor speakers for ambiance or games such as Just Dance, and an additional Nintendo and XBox on the outdoor screensOutdoor Party plus wireless microphones for karaoke, 2 additional large speakers for a total of 6 outdoor speakers and amazing sound, access to outdoor trivia and other large party games.
Ideal ForGaming Birthday Parties for ages 8 - 88Gaming Parties, Sporting Events, School Events, Fun GatheringsAdult Parties, Restaurant Nights, Company Events, Block Parties

next level gaming Truck Features!

High-Tech Gaming with the Latest Game Consoles

The Next Level Gaming. video game truck is equipped with the latest consoles including PlayStation 5s, XBox Series Xs, and Nintendo Switches and games which are appropriate and appeal to all ages.

LED lighting & Great Music

Our color-changing led lights and premium music enhances the gaming experience even more.  Four outdoor mounted speakers are available so if the people outside want to hear music, they can! To get really loud, ask about the additional outdoor speakers.

Great Assortment of Video Games

Our game library is awesome…and ever-expanding. With the most popular video games, and more continuously in rotation, gamers be able to choose from great classics or the newest games, from combat games to role-playing, sports games and more!

We Bring the internet

Onboard high-speed internet gives us the unique ability to provide online gaming across all of our consoles, stream music and video, research and troubleshoot on-the-fly if necessary, and provide a fully Next Level experience to your party.  If we can’t obtain a strong signal at your location, we can plug in our ethernet to your router for internet access!

Up To 8 High Definition TV Screens

We have five 50″ wall-mounted high-definition TVs inside our unit, and three more ready to mount outside so players can enjoy dancing, sports games, streaming television and movies, and even watch replicated video from the inside screens.

Spacious and Luxurious Interior

Our Game Theater has a luxurious limo-style interior with comfortable stadium-style seating your guests will love. We have 7 1/2 foot ceilings to enhance the roomy, open feel for players.  Trust us, it’s much bigger on the inside than you expect when you see us pull up!

The Best Coaches in the industry

We *only* onboard coaches who love video games, enjoy people, and are of the service mindset.  Each team member goes through at least 30 hours of training before they get the title of Game Coach with Next Level Gaming! The very best equipment is nothing without a great team.

A Smarter Coaching System

Unlike competitive services, we send two game coaches to your event.  Sure, it means the party costs the company more, but it also means you get more than one person to manage the party, coaches whose energy feeds each other and the party, more engaged coaches, and more eyes on the party. It’s just safer, smarter, and your party will benefit from the additional care.

Climate Controlled Environment

No matter what time of year, and what the weather, the Next Level Gaming video game truck is always the perfect temperature! Our game theater is fully air conditioned for hot summer days and heated for chilly days, with triple air conditioners & heaters.

up to 32 Players at once

We can run 4-player games on each of five large screens inside and 3 more with the outdoor party package.  This gives us up to 32 simultaneous players.  Of course, if we max the number of players, they’ll have to take turns if they don’t all want to play the 4-player games.

We’ve Got the Power

We bring our own super powerful generator, so the Next Level Gaming video game truck can go just about anywhere!  We always keep a backup generator on board.  In a worst-case scenario, we can plug with into a house and still have a great time!

A Clean Space

Between each party, we clean the theater. Sometimes we will clean before we leave your event, other times we clean once we arrive on site.  It largely depends on the traffic and distance between events. We don’t do this just as a COVID precaution.  We do it because we take great pride in our theater, and because you deserve it.

Should I get the Outdoor Package?

If you plan to have more than 20 people or so, or intend to entertain your neighborhood, or love some karaoke, YES!  

If you want to watch the football game or an outdoor movie, YES!

If you are just having a small party for your 10 year old, you won’t need the outdoor package.

Can I watch sports and movies on the outdoor tvs?

Yes!  In some cases we can just throw the show on, in other cases, you’ll just cast the program from your smartphone right to our system… or you can log in on our device to show the event, then log out at the end.