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Next Level Gaming Theme Party

Does your gamer love Roblox or Fortnite? So do we!

We have had so many requests for Roblox or Fortnite parties that we replaced a number of Playstations with XBoxes to accommodate the requests.  When you request Tournament/Theme mode, we rotate our gamer chairs to activate 7 additional tvs and 7 additional Xbox consoles to allow up to 10 players to join Roblox together or 17 players to enjoy Fortnite.

One note we would like to bring up for Roblox parties.  Roblox is extremely popular among kids on PC and Ipad.  Not so much on XBox.  Players will enjoy the game on XBox, but it does play differently than it does on the other platforms.  When you request any theme, the gamers are basically offered more opportunities to play the games they love together, but are not prevented from choosing different appropriate games if they so desire. 

Tournament mode

Tournament Mode and Theme Mode are exactly the same.  We just call the configuration by different names to express the need we are working to fill.  

In tournament mode, instead of focusing on loading games such as Fortnite or Roblox right away, we start with any game which might be loaded onto the additional 7 XBoxes.  These can include Call of Duty, Spiderman, GTA, or Batman to name just a few.  There are many many more games available.

Tournament mode was originally designed to play squad-based tournament games, which we still do, but it turns out it’s popularity really comes from enabling more single player games when we have larger parties of 12-15 or more gamers.  Everything really depends on what types of games the players want to play.

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