Upcoming Public Events

Awesomecon Aug 20-22


Find Next Level Gaming at AwesomeCon in the Convention Center in Washington, DC!  We will have our mobile game room setup and will run lots of different tournaments all weekend.  No matter what time you go to AwesomeCon, there will be at least one tournament going on and we want you to attend. 

Brackets, times, and rules for each event will be posted on this website on Thursday, August 19th and an email will be sent with the information to all registered participants

In this event, we will feature:
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Super Mario Kart
Call of Duty: Warzone

You will be allowed to sign into your XBox live or PlayStation account (though not required). 

$7 per tournament registration before Friday, Aug 14th
$10 per tournament registration on or after Aug 14th
$32 ($3 discount) for 5 registrations before Friday, August 14th

One entry per person per event
You will be asked in which 2-hour window you would like to compete and in which games.  Feel free to select multiple.

Register by clicking here.

Outdoor Party Package +$99

Ideal for larger parties and events where people want to enjoy games such as ‘Just Dance’. *Weather Permitting – Game Coach’s discretion.

Add three 50″ tvs to the outside of the gaming theater for even more of a great time.  We equip the tvs with a total of three from your choice of XBox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch.  We can stream movies to one, two, or three of the tvs.  You can even have the major sporting event streamed or a PowerPoint slideshow running.  The possibilities are limited only by imagination. Party includes an additional Game Coach.

VR and Immersion Party Package +$50

Ideal for a Next Level VR experience. *Requires the Outdoor Party Package.

Make your outdoor party even better with virtual reality.  Take turns playing in a virtual world with the extremely popular Oculus Quest 2.  For the player who really wants to go all-in, we also have the Woojer haptic feedback vest to let them feel the game all through their body!  While your party goers experience their new reality, others can view their experience in real-time on the outdoor tvs. 

Due to swinging arms and space constraints, the vr experience is only offered outside the theater. Party includes an additional Game Coach.

Neighborhood Party Package +$50

Ideal for larger neighborhood  or group events.  *Requires the Outdoor Party Package. 

In this package, you have the full Outdoor Party Package plus an outdoor audio package including 2 large outdoor speakers and optional karaoke with dual microphones.  Stream movies on any or all of the outdoor tvs with a full compliment of sound.  Party includes an additional Game Coach.

Blowout Next Level Everything Party Package $2,999 (4 hour Package)

Ideal for very large events such as corporate launches, weddings, festivals, and celebrations of all sorts.

Enjoy every option from every package and our 20′ x 13′ Next Level Gaming Arena tent.  We mate the tent to the theater to add 260 square feet of protected play space. We also provide up to six additional large screen tvs and gaming consoles for accommodate dozens of players at one time.  Party includes three additional Game Coaches.

*4 hour minimum. Additional hours $749

Test your competition in person

Join a public tournament or set up your own private tournament with Next Level Gaming.