Online Trivia Nights

We're giving out 100 free parties this school year! Win at trivia or Fortnite to get yours!

We love to play games and we want you to join us. 
Enjoy our FREE online trivia nights for your communities to win a free game truck event!

How to give your students or community the greatest party ever – for FREE on US!

These events are open to all schools, Community Centers, Police, Firefighters, Hospitals, and all others who serve the public in our service area. 

Our primary request is that if you win, the service is used to serve in a public capacity.  This could be any school or community event, public gaming tournament, or something else public you may have in mind.  You can even donate the win to another public organization of your choosing.

Want to win a private party?  Serve a block or a birthday! – for FREE on US!

These events are open to ANYONE in our service area. 

Your win is an open invitation to whomever you wish to invite to your event. 

We will pull up to your house or chosen place for the event, set up the game theater and make sure everyone has a blast!  Please keep the count to 15 players.

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Winning Event Rules (Generally speaking)

  • Weekdays only (Mon – Thu)
  • 90 minute events
  • Only within 30 miles of zip 21046
  • Available times and dates are predetermined.  Winners get to choose which of the available dates/time they would like.
  • The location must be deemed accessible by our event managers and viewable on Google Maps.
  • These events do not include any add-ons.
  • All participants must be ages 8+


*Next Level Gaming reserves the right to share winner names on any platform.  We will NOT share last names of winners for private events.  Examples below:

School Winner:  Main Street Middle School, Rockville, MD

Private Event Winner: Sean P, Baltimore, Maryland

May 8thWestern High School &

How to Register

From the booking menu below, choose Upcoming Public Events, then select Trivia option you’re interested in.

**Public event trivia winners players MUST use their win to serve a public community or school event. 

Please check spam for confirmation email from us, or you won’t get the code to join!

Registration is required

*Every free service we provide is supported by every paid service and contract our customers enjoy.  Every time you book with us, you help us help others. Thank you so much!

What are the trivia topics?

Great question!  The topics are wide open and can range including 80’s cartoons, modern science, mathematics, pop culture, sports, American history, random collections, and more!  We’ll create the topics ahead of time so you can be sure to grab your best players!

Are we allowed to team up?

Sure!  We’re not going to stop you.  Only one entrant can win each trivia night, so as long as you’re operating from the same account, have at it!

Are we limited to taking our prize at times listed?

Yes.  We are managing this on a careful budget, so we’re aiming to designate.