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Frequently Asked Questions

Yep.  We don’t aim to gain anything other than giving our attendees some prizes/gifting while they come out and enjoy a good time.  We are a small business ourselves and see this as a way to not only engage and encourage people to come out and play, but also to support the communities of the people we’re serving.

Just keep an eye on our community page.  We aim to keep that up to date.

If there’s an audience (and there almost always is with video games), we would be interested in serving them, so just let us know you want us and when we get enough requests from any particular place, we’ll bump it up on the schedule.

Of course not, but if you do, we would appreciate it.

We categorize the gift cards first by location, then by topic.  Unless asked, we will only offer your gift cards at localized theaters.

Depending on the size of the sponsorship, we have different levels of creating audience awareness of your product or service.  
For example, at $25, when we have a winner, we will state to the audience something similar to “Thank you to XYZ company for donating a $25 gift card.  They are located at 123 Main Street, so go get something nice.”

At $50, we add your logo to our theater ads

At $100, your logo is added to our prize list and promoted on social media.

At $100 + $50 cash, we give you 120 seconds in front of the audience to promote your service and engage customers.  We will only allow 2-3 of these per event.

We hold onto it for next time. It’ll get given away.