Online Tournaments

Super local, Super fun, Total Community!

School Competitions!

Free with Every booking

Book your school event with Next Level Gaming and receive a free online Fortnite or Call of Duty tournament with prizes for the top player. 


The ultimate way to raise money for your school – playing video games against your own school!  Top individual players win in-game currency prizes.  Top teams compete against other top teams.

Organizational Competitions!

Next Level Gaming Hosts private battle royale and high-count participant video gaming events for corporate, educational, and military organizations. The team building which results can offer a range of benefits, fostering teamwork, communication, and camaraderie among colleagues.

Easy to do, inexpensive, and fantastic benefits!  Let us get you going!



School Booking:

  •  Solos Winner: 1000 Vbucks or CoD points
  • Duos and Quads Winning Team: Qualify to compete against other school teams for larger prizes
  • Solos Winner: 2800 Vbucks or CoD (Bounty: Win 2800 Vbucks or 2000 CoD points)
  • Duos and Quads Winning Team: In-game currency and qualify to compete against other school teams for larger prizes