PTA, Boosters, and Fundraising

Next Level Gaming Helps you easily raise money

The PTA (or PTSA) and boosters now have a great and engaging way to generate funds!

Next Level Gaming can help your school raise money while encouraging the kids to engage with each other doing some of the things they love most… playing video games!!

We have run high quality and highly entertaining video game tournament in a number of venues including the Walter E Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.  Our energetic, welcoming, and positive approach has led to invitations to host tournaments at the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan and beyond!  We want to bring those awesome experiences to your school (while earning you money). 

All you have to do is call us, tell the kids, choose the games, and open up the cafeteria or gym.  We bring all the necessary equipment, the professional game coaches and tournament managers, and the fun.

Does it cost the organization anything to bring Next Level Gaming?  Nope.  Not a dime.  This is designed to make you money, not lose it.  For more information, call or email!


Next Level Gaming has lots of ways to fundraise for your organization.  From hosting tournaments with an entry fee, to being an attraction at well-attended events, let our Game Theater or Arena be the thing that brings more people and money.

We’re ready for your big crowd

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