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Keep students engaged, even when they can't go to school!

Next Level Gaming can help your school raise money while encouraging the kids to engage with each other doing some of the things they love most… playing video games!!  Students play together in person or compete in with other students in their school or Howard County with our moderated online tournaments! There are NO fees to the school or PTA.  Just send an email to or give us a call at 443-718-9598 to learn more!

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our Mission

Next Level Gaming is working toward building safe, local online and offline communities which bring people together around the common activity of video gaming.  

Most gamers who play online are competing or cooperating with other players they don’t know from around the country. We communitize the gamer experience by creating and managing gamer lobbies and tournaments for individual schools, churches, and other local communities.

How we do it

Next Level Gaming runs online tournaments right from our website.  We verify each member of our community to ensure every player is indeed who they claim to be.  We require parental consent and contact information, as well as school verification before allowing any membership into any of the communities.

Our Game Coaches (the same ones who run our excellent birthday party events) are also trained Tournament Organizers and community managers.  They set up and moderate tournaments and community events. 

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