Pandemic Proof Summer Party Ideas for Kids

Birthdays are one of the most highly anticipated days for kids. But, in a time where social distancing is still recommended, are kids parties OK yet?

The short answer is, yes. With careful party planning and exceptional summer party ideas following health and safety protocols, birthday parties this summer can make your kids start to feel like things are getting back to normal again.

Here are some kids birthday party themes ideas for summer:

1. Organize a Birthday Scavenger Hunt

To make a scavenger hunt more exciting, add some fun by leaving door prizes and clues to bigger surprises around your yard or neighborhood.

2. The Drive-by / Outdoor Birthday Party

By now, your kids have probably been to or even had their own drive-by birthday party. Still the safest option, but maybe not the most “back to normal” solution.

Since the CDC now confirms that outdoor activities are safe in most circumstances, the drive by can probably be safely transitioned to an outdoor (backyard, park, picnic areas, etc.).

3. Water-Themed Activities

Summer calls for water activities, especially for kids. What’s more fun than spending your birthday in a water park? But if the destination party is too difficult to pull off, many local pools are re-opening this summer. And if you’re lucky enough to have a friend or neighbor with a pool, even better!

Decorate your swimming pool with some themed inflatables, pair it with fun water games, water guns and super soakers, and party on!

4. Go Virtual

Whether you are still not comfortable with in-person get togethers, or your family and friends do not live nearby, a virtual party has never been easier.  By now, most of us have joined a virtual meeting or 2 (many of us are all too familiar at this point).

Set up a virtual dance party, movie night, online camping, or simple birthday greetings live-streamed through online apps like Google meeting, Facebook Live, or Zoom.

5. Book a Mobile Video Game Tournament

The video game has left the building! It’s been quite a few years since playing video games has been a kid playing for hours by himself in the basement. A video game tournament or multiplayer venue is more common than ever. 

Now you can set up your own private mobile video game tournament with Next Level Gaming. 

Equipped with a High-Tech Gaming experience and the latest game consoles, players can compete head-to-head in a myriad of video game competitions with any or all of their friends!  It just doesn’t get any better than that.. 

Our truck is well-ventilated, sterilized per CDC recommendations, and provides a safe, unique solution to the average party option.

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