Outdoor Party Package

Let's play outside with the Outdoor Party Package

The inside of our game theater is awesome.  There’s really no other way to describe it.  But – there’s more.  Get the Outdoor Party Package and increase your potential players to 32 at once (assuming everyone wants to only play 4 player games).

Have an awesome party watching Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, MMA, or any sport… college or pro…

No matter your favorite team, we’ve got the best watch party ideas in all of Maryland, and you don’t have to travel anywhere to watch the big event…this one comes to you!

Play great video games inside while the “Big Game” streams live on our outside screens…or mix it up as you like, with live sporting events and/or video games on any or all of our high-definition TV’s inside and out!

First, we bring our limousine styled video game theater to your street, or even to the parking lot of the big game! Inside, we provide gamer chairs and bench seating, high-tech sound system,  five HUGE HDTV’s on the inside and three MORE on the outside.

We’ve got the greatest games across XBox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch with titles to match any age or skill level!

Wanna dance! We have Just dance with loads of games!

With the outdoor package, we automatically include dance games with unlocked songs, sport games like Mario and Sonic Olympics, and more.  

We find that families (especially moms) add the outdoor package in the spring, summer, and fall because they think the girls at the party will love it.  They’re right, but guess what else we’ve noticed.  The moms love it too!  Easily 80 percent of the outdoor parties we run that include dancing have the moms getting their boogie on even more than the kids!  It’s great.

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We’re ready for your big crowd

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