Our Game Coaches

The Next Level Gaming coaches are the best around

When you book with Next Level Gaming, you get game coaches who are knowledgeable, attentive, approachable, and fun!  

Willie Blount, Owner

I am the owner and founder of Next Level Gaming.  After graduating high school in the 90s, I served the United States Marine Corps for six years, was honorably discharged in 2000, and went to work for the United States Congress as an IT manager.  I have been an entrepreneur in some shape or form since childhood and even made it onto Shark Tank.  I continually look for ways to improve the lives of those around me.  

In October 2020, I decided I wanted to build the very best gaming theater and mobile esports platform around, and Next Level Gaming was born.  I launched our company in May 2021, and retired from my work with the federal government in July 2021.  This is my company, my passion, and my full time activity.  My every intent is to make my customers, whether private, corporate, government, or military very happy they went with us!

Laser Tag Lead Arthur

Hi! I’m coach Arthur, a 90’s baby who has been playing games since PlayStation 1 came out.  My top two favorite game genres are sports games and RPG.  Big anime fan and I am a seasoned father of 5 so I’m around kids 24-7.

If you’ve got an itching for laser tag, I’m your guy!  I have created a variety of games with much more on the way.  We have near endless possibilities on our platform and can provide you with the perfect gaming experience.  

Coach and Driver Jay

Gaming has been my favorite hobby since a kid and I am grateful to be working within the gaming industry. I graduated from Morgan State in 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. While in school I was determined to work in an industry that I genuinely have a passion for and I recently joined the NLG family in 2023. My favorite games of all time are Gears of War, Last of Us, Mass Effect, Mortal Kombat & Streets of Rage. Although these are my favorites I’m always up to try a new game or to test my skills against a new challenger. When I’m not driving the game truck, you can find me playing laser tag or in my whole own world using VR! 

Senior Coach Mike

What’s up! My name is Mike. Big Street Fighter and FGC enthusiast. I graduated from UMBC in 2023 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. I’ve got a deep passion in video games- not just in playing them, but also in how they can promote positive cognitive and mental effects on our brains. I’m a big advocate for making everyone feel included and welcomed to our Next Level Gaming community. I’m proud of all we’ve accomplished so far as a team, and I’m stoked to see our future growth as a company.

Coach Emani

Hello everyone! My name is Emani and I was raised in Howard County for most of my life. I’m originally from New Jersey, but moved to Maryland when I was very young. I have an associates degree in Psychology from when I attended Howard Community College, but I decided this major was not for me. I’m now in my final year at University of Baltimore, and I’m currently studying Criminal Justice after switching my major my first semester. Video games are a great stress reliever from a long day at school and work!

I’ve always loved video games as a hobby since I was a young girl, and even now as a young adult. I’ve always enjoyed bringing people together with entertainment, and having the most fun I can bring to the group. It is important to me that you have fun and enjoy your experience to the fullest! I look forward to making each event the best it can be and make sure I exceed all expectations you have!

Coach Noelani

Hey there! My name is Noelani and I’ve been playing video games for as long as I can remember. Not only are video games entertaining, but I’ve also become closer with my family and friends because of them, which is extremely important to me. Connecting over the storylines, artwork, complexity, experiences, and excitement of video games is what makes it all so special. Myself, along with my friends and family have always been the fun, goofy, entertaining group of people that always bring joy to the heart and smiles to the faces of others.  

Video games have always been my favorite hobby and stress reliever, so providing that same happiness, and stress relief, along with entertainment is what I hope to accomplish while working here at Next Level Gaming. I look forward to meeting you all and contributing to an amazing experience at your next event! 

Coach Noah

Gone but not forgotten

We don’t plan to forget the team of guys and gals who have been with Next Level Gaming! 
These are members who have moved on for various reasons – most frequently it’s due to graduation from high school or college and heading away to college, career, or the military.  Thank you all for your service to Next Level Gaming and our customers!