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Tournaments 2023

Host your own Competitions

A phenomenal way to being people together with our own department and departments across your organization.  Each department, campus, unit, or sub-organization would have it’s own competition hosted by Next Level Gaming.  Top players from each would compete together at a larger venue and potentially represent the part of the organization they came from.  May the best competitor win!

How it works

Have any decision maker in any of the participating units give us a call (443-718-9598) or email us at

We will have a conversation which will help us understand your goals, whether they be as simple as host a tournament for a single day or group, or as complex as setting up a multi-month event involving organizations across several (somewhat local) geographies.  We are creative and aim to meet and exceed your goals and expectations.

Tournament Games

Make it Happen

Awesome Con is Washington DC’s Comic Con! Awesome Con is a celebration of geek culture, bringing over 70,000 fans together with their favorite stars from across comics, movies, television, toys, games, and more! And just like DC, we’re smart, family-friendly, and inclusive


Team/Community Building: We all know just about everyone loves video games.  Now, you get to have your group play together in person and use this universal platform to get to know others you may otherwise not even know you share a common gaming interest.

Organization Building: Each of the individual units, campuses, or divisions have found their champions.  Now we have the top X players from each organization compete for the ultimate title!  You’re all really in the same team in the grand scale, and now you get to meet and enjoy your other team members in a new way.

Unique Experiences: What’s a little competition without something great at the end?  Win (through Next Level Gaming) experiences such as competition or attendance in large events and festivals all over the USA, including EVO, Super Smash Con, AwesomeCon, and much more!

Comradery: Develop friendships and respect within your school or organization which may never have had an opportunity to exist before.  Good sportsmanship in gaming goes a long way.

Real Prizes and Awards: Large organizational events like this often result in cash prizes, gift cards, trophies, and custom championship belts… all of which, Next Level Gaming has given away as prizes and hopes to when you set up to host your event with us!

Awards & Experiences

How many departments can participate?

As  many departments or units can participate as your organization has. It is totally up to you.  The more the merrier, and the more exciting the championship battles become.

Can we choose our own prizing?

Absolutely!  We have great suggestions, but in the end, it’s all up to you!

Can we do middle and high school tournaments?

Absolutely.  Some of the prizing is more limited due to the ages of the players, but we already do school tournaments.  We can certainly run tournaments which could even include entire school systems.

What is the minimum and maximum players per division?

There is no minimum although any suggested minimum would depend on the game the tournament focuses on.  The maximum is only limited to how many people we can run in a given amount of time, game played, and tournament style.  We help with all of that.

Pricing is dependant on many factors, but it likely less expensive than you think.  


  • Prize options
  • Number of individual units/departments/campuses competing
  • Time of day for tournament event

Cash Prizes
Championship Belts
Team Representation