Recs & Parks TOURNAMENTS & Programs

Play a variety of team laser tag games with others in your community.  Be the best team in your league and compete with other bests from other communities in a battle for the “Best in Maryland”.  

Available for all ages by groups.

Get your Esports game on.  With either our mobile gaming theater or mobile arena, practice and compete in several team and individual games each season.  Tournament season winners may battle other community winners in a movie theater for the top title!

Available for all ages.

The Next Level of immersive competitive and casual gaming.  Play a variety of virtual reality games involving hand-eye coordination, effective communication, and ingenuity in a plethora in fun and engaging games.  No VR experience necessary.  

Ages 8+

Organizational Series is a collection of popular video games, played over the course of 8 weeks with an optional grand finale final week hosted by Next Level Gaming.

 Org Series for short,  is intentionally designed to give people of all game interests a chance to play games which might be different from their norm and bring people together in friendly competition when size and strength are not factors for success.

Season 1 Games:

Fighting Game:
Street Fighter V
Championship Edition


Racing Game:
Mario Kart 8

Puzzle Game:
Puyo Puyo 2

Sports Game:

Sports: NBA2k23

Who can participate?

Anyone can play!  As a member of the Recs & Parks community, and an attendee of the weekly program, anyone can compete.  Age and size do not matter.

What are the benefits?

To name a few…
Fun – We engage the players and since video games are a nearly universal form of entertainment, especially for young people, it’s a great way to bring people from various communities together across a commonly enjoyed medium.

Competition For Everyone – We intentionally choose games which expose players to a variety of genres.  The players who love the sport games might have an advantage in NBA, but the players who enjoy the puzzle games might have a strength in Tetris.  The idea is to create a balanced field where everyone finds their strength and gets to explore potential areas of improvement.

Location Restrictions

The locations have some qualifiers in order for Next Level Gaming to operate.  
First – we can’t climb or descend stairs with our equipment.  The room we setup on has to be on ground level. Handicap ramps work well for us.
Second – due to the amount of equipment we bring to/from the location, we need to ensure there is a level of additional security available as we leave the space.  The security could be as simple as a community manager/director/employee keeping an eye out as we pack up.



For the duration of the seasonal Recs and Parks Program, Next Level Gaming will arrive onsite to the indoor location where we will set up the necessary gaming equipment and team necessary to play and compete. 

Equipment includes up to TEN 50″ televisions and all game supporting equipment, including up to FORTY controllers, TEN gaming systems, Tables, power cords, and internet when necessary.  We essentially turn your community center into a game room complete with all of the games necessary to run localized tournaments.  We don’t provide chairs.  The amount of equipment we bring depends on the number of players and the games we intend to play.

How the program is run:

For a typical 8 week season, we will go through four varied games. 
Each game is played over a two-week session. 
Week 1 is open play and learning the moves and mechanics of the game while casually playing with other members in the community center.  Here, we focus on positive play, team building, and leadership where experienced gamers help the less experienced gamers, under the guidance of the Next Level Gaming staff.
Week 2 is competitive tournament play for the game which was practiced during week 1.  Players are allowed and encouraged to have any other chosen community center attendee act as their “coach” to encourage interaction and develop teamwork and leadership.  The tournament format will be based on the number of attendees and the game being played.
This two week cycle repeats itself for 8 weeks across four different games.


For community centers which choose to participate, there is a 9th week for the top players in each community center for each game to compete in a local movie theater where the best of the best find out who the champion is. This event will encourage spectators (including parents and friends) to come watch and cheer.  This event would be no additional charge to any player, spectator, or center.


Optional:  If the Recs & Parks organizations agree, Next Level Gaming would create trophies, or championship belts/cups for the winners. 

* “Original Players” are counted as every person who competed in the this game from all regions.
** Championships will be run, regardless of regional qualification, for any game which totals 1,025 or more Original Players.  After the qualifying High Regional winners are defined, we will contact Regional winners to offer opportunities to compete at the NLG Cup Championships to fill any open, remaining bracket spaces.  Regions will be contacted in the order of number of Original Players for that region.

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