New Years Eve 2022

2023 is coming, Next Level Gaming Style!

Happy New Year, well, not quite yet…

Let’s get this started!  Next Level Gaming wants to set off a New Year Celebration to remember. 

As we celebrate our second new year in existence, we hope to start a new tradition of safe, happy, and memorable celebrations for middle school students in Howard County!

We have rented SoFive SocccerPlex in Columbia and will bring most of our assets, and rent other companies personnel and equipment to ensure we have something for everyone.  So – please see below and we hope to see your middle schooler at this event.

Howard County Schools have been great to Next Level Gaming and we want to return the favor by giving back to the schools in the form of cash and services!  Your school doesn’t even have to do anything.  We are donating 20% of every registration to the Howard County middle school PTA the attendant selected when registering for this event!

VR Quest 2 consoles

The Activities

One of the many reasons we chose SoFive, besides just how clean and well-lit the facility is, is that they have their 8 fields perfectly segmented for an event like ours.  We will assign activities or events to each field which the students can navigate between all night as they wish.

Activities include:

  • League-style tactical laser tag with advanced team game modes we don’t provide at parties
  • Fortnite, Super Smash Bros, Street Fighter, Mario Kart, Madden, NBA, FIFA, Just Dance, and other video game tournaments (we will have 8-10 tvs playing all night)
  • Virtual reality gaming and team competitions
  • An open soccer field for tossing or kicking balls around and enjoying other sports.
  • Board and table games such as Magic, Uno, Connect Four, Stratego, Charades, and many more
  • A ‘no activities’ field just to lounge around in and hang out with old and new friends.
  • We have all this and will still have room for more, so we are open to suggestions and other organizations who might want to help make this an epic event
Tactical Laser Tag setup

Something for the Schools

Next Level Gaming will be donating 20% back to schools in the forms of cash and services.  

Donation:  10% will be donated in cash to the school PTA for each student who registers from that school (as determined during the registration list).  10% will also be donated to the school as a voucher!  This voucher can be used toward any Next Level Gaming service to bring our game theater, laser tag, or Virtual Reality to your school event, or as a give away in another fundraiser or raffle.

New Years Eve 2022 Poster

The Details

Open to: Middle Schoolers throughout Howard County (and parents *if* they wish to chaperone or hang out)

When: Saturday, December 31st (New Years Eve) at 8pm until 1am

Where: SoFive SoccerPlex at 7125 Columbia Gateway Dr, Suite #105, Columbia, MD 21046

Why:  Why not!?  It’s a celebration and we love to create great memories, meet new peers, and make new friends.

Security:  This will be a lock-in style event (although parents can come get their kids anytime they may want).  We will have a security guard on site and intend to contact parents if we need to have unruly participants removed.  

Attendee:Staff ratio 15:1

Food:  We will provide pizza, drinks, snacks, and lots of water.

Price: $129 per participant until November 30th; $149 per participant until December 23rd (registration closes)

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