We’re BACK for 2024!
This time, we’re bringing something different!

Awesome Con is springing to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center this March 8-10! Let your fandom flag fly and meet your FAVORITE stars and creators including stars from like Hayden Christensen, Rosario Dawson, and many more! 🎉 Badges are on sale now at!

Online Tournaments - Win free AwesomeCon Tickets

Welcome to the FREE Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone tournaments where you can win tickets to AwesomeCon 24 in Washington DC! Join us online for some epic gaming battles and a chance to score tickets to the ultimate pop culture event. Compete against other players, show off your skills, and secure your spot at AwesomeCon 24. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to game your way to an awesome experience! Sign up now to reserve your spot!

Game Modes (all online):


  • Solos – No Build (Feb 27 @ 6pm)
  • Solos – Build (Feb 27 @ 8pm)
  • Trios – Build (Mar 4 @ 6pm)
  • Trios – No Build (Mar 4 @ 8pm)

Call of Duty – Warzone

  • Solos – Resurgence (Feb 28 @ 6pm)
  • Solos – Battle Royale (Feb 28 @ 8pm)
  • Trios – Battle Royale (Mar 5 @ 6pm)
  • Trios – Resurgence (Mar 5 @ 8pm)

Be sure to register for FREE on our site!

(Our online registration asks for your address, this can be safely ignored. We will just need your contact (email/phone) and gamertag). Winner will receive their free tickets directly from AwesomeCon!!

How does this work?

Only registered players can win the prizes! Registration puts you in the pool to play. Fortnite lobbies allow up to 99 players (plus our live streamer). We will stream the tournaments live on our Youtube Channel. When you enter the lobby, the Fortnite system will randomly select the 99 players to battle. We do 3 rounds per game type, so you have several chances to play and win.

Call of Duty will be first-come, first-served. We will give out the lobby code at the designated time. Get in and play!

Laser Tag


  • 10 Lives:  In this game mode, players have 10 lives.  Survive longer than the rest!
  • Team Elimination: Teams of four battle for the highest score!
  • Capture The Flag: The opposing team has a flag.  Capture it and bring it back to your base.  Team with the most captures wins.
  • King of the Hill: Help your team hold the hill!  Team with the most time on the hill wins.


End of each day, teams of two, advanced features and roles.

  •  Advanced Team Elimination:
  • Advanced Capture the Flag:
  • Advanced King of the Hill:

Game rules

Universal Rules:

Best of 3 Games!
Double Elimination!
No Mods. No Cheating. Maintain Good Sportsmanship.
Tekken 7 cover for Next Level Cup Rules
  • 60 seconds
  • Best of five rounds
  • Random Stage Select (or players agree)
Streetfighter Champion Edition Cover
  • 99 seconds
  • Best of three rounds
  • Random Stage Select (or players agree) 
Guilty Gear Strike Cover
  • 99 seconds
  • Best of three rounds
  • Random Stage select (or both players may agree)
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Cover
  • No Items
  • 6 Minutes
  • Omega stages (Final Destination)


All games will be played online and reported into Toornament.  

Regionals with greater than 128 competitors will play to the top 32, who will be invited to the High Regionals to play the next stage, where payouts will take place.

Regionals with 128 or fewer players will finish their entire bracket online and prize payout happens here.  

Games will be double elimination.

High Regionals

High Regionals will be played by the top 32 players from each region with greater than 128 players.  These events will be held in a movie theater in or near your region and spectators will be welcome and encouraged.

Regions who have more than 256 players are guaranteed at least 4 seats at the Championships.  Prize payouts happen here, and again at the Championships.  Yes, you can win big twice! 

Regions with fewer players will end their tournament and payouts here.

Games will be single elimination


Championship games will be played at the DC Convention Center during AwesomeCon 2023.  If there are more than 1,028 original players, the top winner at this event will win the grand prize.

Games will be double elimination.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my region doesn't have enough players to get into the championships?

We want to see you get there, so you have a couple options.  
You can join an already highly populated region or you can invite more friends to join your region.
We know not every region won’t have enough to make it to Championships, so we first guarantee the higher regions a shot, then we split up the number of remaining championship slots and issue them to regions based on populations.  So, even in a lower populated region, there’s still a chance you’ll go to championships.