National Cannabis Festival ’23

Game Zone and Tournaments

Sponsored by SELECT.Com

We have a custom claw machine coming in that people can play for a chance to win, we also have a bunch of temporary tattoos to apply on-site. 
This is all in addition to the tournament winners receiving the arcade units. 2 of the smaller units w/ Pac-Man and a few other games and 1 large unit with an emulator attached.

The Games!

Compete in a great selection of games for FREE with super cool prizes!

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2

  • Game Time – 1:00pm
  • 4 players at a time
  • First to win 2 rounds
  • Gaming Arcade Unit

NBA 2k23

  • Game Time – 4pm
  • 2v2 games
  • Single Elimination
  • Gaming Arcade Unit

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

  • Game Time – 7pm
  • 4 Player free-for-all (first round)
  • Finals 1v1
  • Prize – Large Arcade Cabinet with Emulator

The Prizes!

All Select Game Zone prizes can be redeemed
at the Select tent right next to the arena

Register to Compete NOW!

Register to compete in Tetris, Super Smash Bros, and NBA2k23 at the National Cannabis Festival for your chance to win!

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