Mobile Arena

The Mobile Arena

Having a big party and looking for a popular entertainment system?

Consider renting the Next Level Gaming Mobile Arena.  We will bring five or ten 50″ televisions along with a matching number of gaming consoles including XBoxes, Playstations, and Nintendo Switches.

Our team will arrive on-site, set up the equipment, and ensure it all works as planned.  Upon request and depending on the rental time, a Next Level Gaming coach may remain onsite.

School Video Game Tournaments

The Games and consoles

We got ’em!  Sports games, fighting games, dancing games, family games, retro games.  Across our various consoles, there’s intentionally something for everyone!

Every console comes with four controllers so you can enjoy the maximum number of players at the same time.  This could be 20 – 40 players simultaneously, depending on how many TVs you select.

HOst your Own Tournaments

Between the series of games, you’ll have what you need to have a local tournament,  When you book, just tell us if you have a specific tournament you would like to run, we’ll do our best to make sure those games are there for you.

Convention Video Game Tournaments