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(Coming Soon) Next Level Gaming can share your party with family and friends

Get your 15 minutes (or 2 hours) of fame and keep it forever

Does your gamer want to be a streamer?  Do they have the proper equipment?  Do they know how to set it up?  Maybe you want to watch everything happening in the game theater from your phone or from the living room television.  We make that happen.

The Next Level Gaming theater has top notch streaming equipment including key lights, multi-screen viewers, webcams, and an Elgato Stream Deck!  Your gamer will be the talk of the town and may lose control of all bodily function when we show them the basics of how to use our streaming equipment, control four theater cameras, lights, and which screens appear in the stream.  Get some buddies together and live-stream your gameplay, cooperation, or competition.  

We provide the party host with a link which can be shared with anyone anywhere with internet on their phone or computer so they can watch the live stream on YouTube or Twitch!  At the end, Next Level Gaming provides you with a USB copy of the entire stream to keep forever, edit, or include in your own future videos.  Of course, your link will remain available on the Next Level Gaming YouTube or Twitch page as well.


Let Family around the world say Happy Birthday!

One of the many great things about streaming with Next Level Gaming is that anyone who is watching the live stream can send a text chat to the gamer right inside the stream while they watch.  The gamer can voice chat reply live and it’ll be saved forever.


Stream and maintain ultimate privacy!

It’s time to be Parent of the Year! Our founder is a parent too and he’s spend over two decades as an IT professional.  Security matters.  Next Level Gaming uses only our accounts to stream the parties.  We do not add names to the stream, and we offer the option of using a YouTube unlisted link or a YouTube public link. 

Because of how we set up our streams, anyone who watches the video will not be able to trace any identifiable information back to the gamer or their family. This gives you the security to enable your gamer to try their hand at streaming with or without their friends without the risks we all worry about with kids online these days.  We also advise the streamer not to provide any personal information.

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