Laser Tag Young and Older

Laser Tag is for Everyone (8+)

Great for your Kid's Birthday party!

Play Laser Tag with easy-to-understand game objectives.  Burn energy racing around the yard or park trying to laser tag the opposing team.  Even run several teams at once just like Fortnite!  Last team standing, or the team with the most points wins.

Great for Teen and Adult Parties!

Now it gets really good!  Let’s take out some bases and strategize on how we win this game.  Perhaps now it’s not about points, maybe the goal is more important than an individual’s ability to pound out other players.  

Up the ante with shock bracelets which provide a zap of controllable intensity shocks when you get hit by an enemy tag.  Trust us, this changes the game enough to really make it intense.

We’re ready for your big crowd

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