Laser Tag Tournaments

Next Level Gaming Tactical Laser Tag Tournaments

No better way to spend a weekend evening for only $99/player!

What is a Tactical Laser Tag Tournament?

It's a party! A big, open Laser Tag Party!

Come to one of our partner facilities and enjoy an evening of all-you-can-eat food, drink, snacks, video games, and of course Tactical Laser Tag Games!!!  

Bring your friends to battle with up to 8 laser tag games with varying objectives from Basic Team Elimination to Capture The Flag, to Advanced Tactical Team Elimination and see if your video game skills translate to laser tag.

So, basically, we're in a video game?

Pretty close!

Ever want to call in a UAV or air strike on your opponent?  Now you can!  Want to eliminate an enemy base, have at it!  How about heal a partner or survive a Battle Royale?  Here’s where you do it!

In our tactical laser tag tournaments, you have an opportunity to be a medic, supplier, a sniper, or any series of other roles as you and your squad work to outwit and outplay the opponent teams… just like in the video games.

Play at a partner location Near you!

We work with several businesses (and always adding more)!

Play close to home!  Our gaming model is designed to bring our state of the art laser tag system to you, rather than asking you to travel great distances to play standard laser tag games.  If one of the below partners is near you, come give a tactical laser tag tournament a shot.  If not, help us find a gym or facility to partner with near you!


We’re ready for your big crowd

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