Laser Tag Game Modes

Next Level Gaming Objective Modes

Don’t just run around like wildlings (although we do have a game mode for that), run like wildlings with a plan to dominate!  We gauge the party and offer various game modes based on what the party calls for.  

Team Elimination

Outscore the opposing team by eliminating more of their members than they eliminate from your team.  Play, respawn, keep playing until the time limit is reached.

Capture the Flag

Team game where you must invade the enemy stronghold, capture their flag, and return it to your base.  Team with the most flag captures wins.

King of the hill

Team game where your team is tasked with spending the most time ‘controlling’ and objective.  Don’t let the other team(s) take you down. 

Last man standing

Careful, you only have so many lives.  Play tactical, form alliances, then destroy your allies to be the last person remaining.

Free For All

Every person for themselves!  Most points wins at the end of the time limit.

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