Laser Tag Game Modes

Next Level Gaming Objective Modes

Don’t just run around like aimless wildlings (although we do have a game mode for that), run like wildlings with a plan to dominate!  We gauge the party and offer various game modes based on what the party calls for.  

Laser Tag Game Modes

Our most basic, but fun laser tag games.  Ideal for birthday parties, school events, and other occasions which last less than 3 hours.  Ages 8+


Two teams compete for the most eliminations of the opposing team.  Each player reviews their score at the end of the game to determine their effectiveness.


Two teams compete for the most eliminations of the opposing team.  Each player may review their score at the end of the game to determine their effectiveness.  The team with the higher score is declared the winner. 


Two teams compete to completely eliminate the opposing team. Each player on the team is assigned one of three important roles to support their team, and only has 3 lives.
Hint: Protect your medic.


Players will need try their best to survive against the infected (zombies). The infected players try to spread the outbreak. If there are any survivors when time runs out, the survivor team wins. If the infection spreads to everyone the infected team wins!

Free for all

It’s every player for themselves.  No friends, just frantic no holds barred battle!

Tug o War

Teams work together to reach a goal score.  Point are won when opposing players are eliminated.  Points are lost when your team loses players.

Level Up

In this game of weapon discovey, every time a team scores 50 points, all weapons on that team are upgraded.  Winners are the team with the most points at time expiration.


Each player starts with 10 lives. Every 50 points adds a life. Every 50 points scored by the team gains 1 life per team member. Last team standing or most points wins.

Capture the flag

Capture the opposing team’s flag and take it back to your base. Team with the most captures, wins.

King of the Hill

Team must work to maintain control of the hill.  Team with the most time on the hill at the end, wins.

Team Battle

Each player is given 3 lives. Once a player has been eliminated 3 times they are out of the game. Whichever team has the most people remaining after 8 minutes wins. If either team is completely eliminated before 8 minutes, the team with live players still wins.


Each player has unlimited lives. Each VIP only has 1 life, so make sure you know the enemy VIP ( make sure players know who is the VIP on each team). Once either VIP has been eliminated, the game will end. Non-VIP players have unlimited respawns. Whichever team eliminates the opposing VIP first wins!


Each player has unlimited lives. The goal is to get to and shoot (each of) the utility box(s) on the top dome of the box. When you deplete the box health, it will change to your team color. Whichever team controls the (most) utility box(s) after 8 minutes wins.

Advanced PArty Game Modes

Our more advanced laser tag games.  We introduce player roles types such as medics and supply specialists.  Teamwork in these games matters more.  Ideal for events which will last 2+ hours, with older players (13+), and people who want to get a little more immersed in the games.

Get in deep with our most immersive, custom games, advanced equipment, mission plans, and coolest weapons.  If you want to feel like a special operator or swat member, this is the package for you.  Ideal for corporate events, military and police, and organizations who want a really fun time. Great for ages 13+, ideal for ages 16+

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