Laser Tag Festivals

Tactical Laser Tag for Large Events

We are bringing something new, different, and better

Give customers something new with tactical laser tag parties, the Next Level Gaming way. 

Generate revenue while giving customers a chance to play heroes or villians, achieve laser tag mission objectives, to compete to see who is the best tagger around. 

With our many various game modes, and state of the art equipment and software, attendees to your event will come back again and again.  All you need to do is call us.  

Festivals and Fairs

What can Next Level Gaming bring to your event?  Festivals and fairs, enjoy open tactical laser tag gaming, or team tournaments for the best video game style tactical squad out there.  Loads of fun for everyone ages 8 and up.

Got a corn maze?  Let your customers play capture the flag against other teams or free for all against everyone else.

Open field?  No problem, we will set up bunkers and other obstacles to make the games even more interesting!


Halloween corn maze laser tag and zombie-style haunts are great new experiences where scare seekers are armed with laser taggers and have to eliminate zombie actors who wear headband sensors as they work their way through your frightfest.

Don’t let the zombies get too close or you’ll lose a life.  

Our no-touch scoring systems keep track of players who have eliminated zombies and zombies who have consumed players. 

All of this gets displayed on a large screen so players can review their skills at the end of their play.  

Contact us at to book us for your apocalyptic event!


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