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Our Laser Tag System

If you want to have a party or event outdoors or indoors with the best, most advanced laser tag equipment on the market, look no further.  We will set up bunkers and barriers for players to hide or strategize around.  And, for our most advanced adult players, we have Next Level laser tag guns which are more realistic, a little heavier, with swappable magazines, and recoil.  Finally, in our most advanced setups, enjoy laser grenades, shock bracelets, field speakers, and fog machines.

Our Laser Tag Parties

You choose the location and we will show up with the goods.  All we need is a yard, a field or any space (indoor or outdoor) as small as the size of a basketball court or as large as a football field.  We set up several game modes and then we play!

Great fun for All Ages

While kids love our laser tag system and games, it’s as much (or more) fun for teens and adults.  With all of the different game modes, equipment unlocks, and great quality equipment, we fit well for adult birthdays, bachelor parties, corporate events, and more.  If you want to have a great time, prove you’ve still ‘got it’, or just get a high-energy workout, look no further!

This isn’t the old days of just going onto a warehouse and running around like a madman shooting anything that moves.  We are tactical!  We have objectives.  We have to think.  We have to work as a team… and run and shoot everything that moves.  Next Level Gaming laser tag has video game elements which make our systems stand above the rest.

Top Equipment

We did not skimp when researching, evaluating, and choosing a laser tag system to bring to our customers.  We pride ourselves on bringing experiences far superior than any competition including everything from customer service to equipment, start to finish.  Call to experience our customer service. Click below for our equipment.

Well, not exactly all ages.  We recommend ages 8+.  The great thing is we have some equipment for adults most people are unlikely to have ever seen such as laser grenades and shock bracelets.   Run a party where parents vs kids or family team vs family team… or just do the standard.  It’s great fun no matter how you play it.

Our Smartphone app

The app enables you to:

  • Keep track of your wins/losses forever
  • See real-time game stats
  • See who eliminated you and who you’ve taken out
  • Control In-game perks such as air-strikes and UAVs
  • Track your medals and accolades 
  • Receive updates/messages from the battlefield
  • Record your battle on your phone

Our App – CallSign is one of the keys to an insanely memorable upgraded experience!  Install the the app to your smartphone here.

We tend to promote using this for leagues and of course, league-style birthday parties.

Inflatable Laser Tag Maze

We bring laser tag to yet another level with our inflatable laser tag maze/base.  

Great for parties and festival events, we enable incredible new objective-based game modes where Team A might defend the entire base or a specific room, while Team B has to infiltrate or just clear the opposing team.  

Couple this with the smartphone app and our inflatable bunkers, and you’ll have a mobile battlefield which can’t be rivaled.  Period.

At a whopping 30′ x 40′ this maze is easy to get lost in, fun to defend and attack, and has a number of other thoughtful custom appointments.

All indoor and outdoor windows open and close, sniper lanes and hiding spaces have been carefully considered.  Your team will have an insanely good time running through this space, even if they didn’t have laser tag guns with them!

You'll have a Blast with us

PackagesAwesome Laser TagSuper Sound PackageUltimate Experience
549 (90 min)$599/$599 (120 min)$2,999/$2,999 (240 min)
Additional hour$249$249$549
SummaryLaser Tag for ages 8+. Adults and kids alike can enjoy our tactical laser tag systems and objective based games.Awesome Laser Tag plus additional speakers for more immersive games and sounds, additional utility boxes for more game objective possibilities, and an off-gun score display.Super Sound Package, with additional equipment which include 6 even more advanced laser tag guns, more utility boxes, shock bracelets, laser grenades, up to 16 inflatable bunkers, the inflatable maze/base, and laser lights for night-time gaming.
Ideal ForBirthday parties and quick eventsEvents where players are a little older (13+) and want to play games which may be a little more challengingAn ultimate laser tag experience where adults and kids test their skills and experience Call of Duty style gaming.

NExt LEvel Gaming LAser Tag Features


We aren’t talking the cheesy laser tag blasters you find at most indoor facilities.  We have an awesome system which includes taggers (laser guns), headband receivers,  ‘objectives’ boxes, and insane software!


Our laser gun taggers are appropriate for all ages (typically 8+).  These are high quality, feature-rich systems with red/green dot sites, speakers, vibration feedback, and a score display right on the side of the gun.  The software enables extensive creativity in game creation and game play.


Each tagger has a super lightweight headset wirelessly connected to it. LEDs flash on the headset each time a player is tagged or is eliminated.  Due in part to its easy on/off design, these headsets are easy to clean between rounds.


Objective boxes help take tactical play to the next level.  These boxes can act as respawn points, loading stations, or even as bases which must be protected at all costs.  These are placed strategically throughout the field to give players a place to defend, attack, or take cover.  

Smartphone App*

Play like you’re in the video game with our smartphone app. Use your own phone to record the battle, call in airstrikes, keep a permanent record of your performance and nemesis, and much more!

Our Field Control Software

We run the battle field from our laptop.  Our powerful software enables us to control the field, assign weapons, play battle music, and even create custom games!  Here, we go far beyond laser tag you might have played elsewhere.

Our Coaches

Our game coaches manage the games and sometimes, just sometimes we see that a team could use a little help, and in that case our guys just might join in to help even the score.  If you see us with a tagger in our hand, aiming to take out Next Level Coaches is fair game!

Creative Gaming

We love to play and recognize that variety in gaming keeps the event/party fresh.  As we recognize different levels of player skill and understanding at the event, we’ll introduce more complex games which go beyond standard team elimination or free for all.  We want to see the players make and execute their battle plans.

Portable Network

When we show up, we will power up our network which connects our taggers, headsets, and computer together, as well as connects the systems to the internet so scores can be saved to the server, where teams can still view their stats in our app long after the games are over.

Indoor/Outdoor Play

Whether you have a back yard, a school gym, or an office with cubicles, we can set up in your space as long as there is room to run around a bit.  If you have questions about whether or not we can set up, just call and we will figure it out.

Inflatable Bunkers

Sometimes the natural environment doesn’t have enough places to hide.  In those cases, we will set up our inflatable bunkers.  These are obstacles of various sizes which give players new field variables to create more cover or concealment.

Inflatable Laser Tag Maze

This inflatable is reserved for events which will run 4+ hours, festivals, large corporate events, and our Hyper-Premium parties.  Its 1200 square feet of inflatable laser tag maze.  This gives the ultimate indoor play experience when outdoors, and enables entirely new and exciting game experiences such as base defenders or save the VIP.