Laser Tag Equipment

Next Level Laser Tag Gear

You want the best. We have the best.

We aren’t talking the cheesy laser tag blasters you find at most indoor facilities.  We have an awesome system which includes taggers (laser guns), headband receivers,  ‘objectives’ boxes, and insane software!

Our Taggers (laser guns)

You are going with Next Level Gaming.  You know we don’t half step for your party.  These taggers are appropriate for all ages (typically 8+), yet hold just enough back from realism to know it’s a game.  Let’s tell you what make our taggers the best in the industry.


No vests for these games.  We don’t need ’em!  Our wireless taggers and headsets are both capable of receiving hits or delivering a wide variety of special functions.  Easy on and off make sanitization and transition to a new player a snap.

Objective Boxes

Let’s do more than just run and gun.  With objective boxes placed strategically throughout the play area, you can score using your brain and superior communication skills to see if your video game skills translate to laser tag.  Grab your team and get outplay your opponents.

Software and Smartphone app

You can’t have all of this capability without amazing software and supporting equipment to run it all.  
Not only have we gone all out on the hardware, we have software and an app to top it all off.  (Coming soon) Your gamer can enjoy Fortnite-style Battle Royale games on large fields with gamer accounts which remember the player and their accomplishments.  That’s Next Level!

We’re ready for your big crowd

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