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All Next Level Gaming customers get the best there is.  In these packages, you get the very best of the very best!  We will travel farther, we will bring you the equipment, teams, and experiences you just can’t get anywhere else!

Get it all!

How it works

When you want to spare no expense, cut no corners, and leave an amazing impression, you’re in the right place.  Every offer in the HyperPremium packages include everything that service offers and we travel farther if necessary.  
The rate you see is the rate you get, regardless of how far we travel (up to 90 miles from home base in Columbia, MD). 

We are here to provide unique and exceptional experiences to our customers.  All you do is reach out to us as soon as you know you want a HyperPremium service, and we will walk you through everything answer any questions you might have.  Each HyperPremium service is calculated to include up to three hours of round trip drive and preparation time.  

What qualifies for a HyperPremium Package?

Basically, anyone can have a HyperPremium package.  Not every event qualifies for our standard premium packages.  Here’s the breakdown:

HyperPremium Laser Tag includes our mobile, inflatable laser tag maze as well as 16 bunkers for the ultimate laser tag games.  It also includes our combat metal-hybrid laser guns, grenades, and shock bracelets (optional).  When you go HyperPremium, your party will also be able to create battlefield accounts which enable the player’s smartphone to act as their data command center.
See our Laser Tag page for more details of each of these features!

HyperPremium Game Theater

The HyperPremium Game Theater Package is the same game theater, but it automatically includes an additional hour, the outdoor party package, outdoor music, and karaoke – weather permitting.  
Our theater is already the best of the best, so the only way we can improve it is to throw in the add-ons.  This is really designed to enable all those who ask if we will travel a little farther to have a chance to give their event an experience which far exceeds their local options.

HyperPremium Movie THeater

Every had a video game party in your very own theater with only your friends?  We can make that happen.  This does take time.  Contact us with the name of the theater you would love to have the event in, the time and date you prefer (weekday evenings are almost always best for movie theaters), and what games you would love to play at your event.  We will take it from there.  We will provide a general price quote, which is confirmed/adjusted after we have had our discussions with your local theater.  

Your Party Our Equipment

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NExt LEvel Gaming HyperPremium Events

Should I get HyperPremium?

For the vast majority of people visiting this site, the answer is “probably not”.  It’s expensive to most people and if you’re doing a typical birthday party, the standard packages will usually suffice.  
If you live between 40 and 90 miles from 20146 area code, you want a killer party, want the BEST experience, and have some money to spend, then ABSOLUTELY take HyperPremium!  These are the only private events we travel more than 40 miles for.

Really, what's the difference?

There are a few.  If you’re getting HyperPremium because you live too far from our base, then you can bet your guests will appreciate that you brought them something they would otherwise not likely experience.
If you’re getting HyperPremium because you want the best, then it speaks for itself.  You could easily get our standard service, and add on some extra goodies, but just asking for HyperPremium services gets it all at once!

Additional HyperPremium Services

As you can see, Laser Tag and the Game Theater are the popular and easily identifiable HyperPremium services.  We also offer Virtual Reality as a HyperPremium, but it does not differ much from our typically executed vr parties.  The real difference you would see in a HyperPremium VR party is that we travel farther and have an VR/Metaverse inflatable to operate in.  In most cases we run VR indoors, so the inflatable would be counted as an add-on in this case.


Why does HyperPremium cost so much more??

These packages are designed to address two points we have seen.  1) People farther away want our service.  We are here to serve, however the cost and risks are considerably higher for us (including lost parties due to travel), so we have to make up for these things.  2) Some people want our most unique high-value, festival-level equipment at their home or corporate event.  We can accommodate, but the equipment, travel time, and risk profiles are considerably higher than for a standard event.

Is HyperPremium being used to explore expanded territories?

Yes.  It is.  We frequently get calls from (especially) Northern Virginia, northern and western Maryland so we are planning to build out to serve those areas, but HyperPremium services enable us to serve these areas more immediately, and choose which are going to be the smartest next expansion territory for Next Level Gaming.