5 Best Gaming Gifts for Your Young Gamer

Gaming Gifts for Your Young Gamer

Do you have a young gamer at home? Ready for a small splurge to give this young gamer something to be happy about on their special day? Here’s a list of kid-friendly gift ideas they would surely love.

1. Gaming Consoles

The most ideal is probably a gaming console. PlayStation, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch are the most popular ones. Budget-wise, it can be pretty expensive, and depending on the season, say holidays, they can be hard to purchase as stocks become limited.

More affordable options to popular gaming consoles are Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet priced at $139.99 and the Nintendo Switch Lite priced at $199 on Amazon.

2. Gaming subscription

Already have a gaming console? Consider purchasing memberships and subscriptions. Instant membership access to online games and multi-player subscriptions are popular options. 

For as low as $9.99/month, you could subscribe for a month and receive exclusive members-only access. Rates are even lower if you purchase long-term subscriptions.

3. Pro gaming headset, keyboard, wireless mouse/controller

Let your little gamer experience exceptional sound paired with noise cancellation and a microphone with a professional gaming headset. Match it with a full-sized mechanical keyboard with an OLED display and a top-notch wireless gaming mouse for a comfortable gaming experience.

4. Gamer Gift Card

Having a hard time choosing a gift? Selecting gifts for kids with a particular interest can be tricky and gift cards are quite a reliable choice. Depending on your budget you could purchase one that ranges from $25 to $100 and let your little gamer choose a game or an upgrade they want.

5. Mobile Video Game Truck

What’s the best birthday gift a kid could ever receive other than a birthday party? Video game-themed parties will be your go-to. Try video game trucks for a no-fuss celebration.

Instead of throwing a usual birthday party, go with a bang with Next Level Gaming Birthday Game Trucks. We provide indoor and outdoor gaming stations. We also offer a “tournament mode” where up to 16 players can play at once.

Visit our website to learn more about our available dates, rates, video game truck, and tournament mode.