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The Next Level of esports

for Schools in Central Maryland/DC

The NLG Cup is Next Level Gaming’s central Maryland and Washington DC schools-only competition series for various esports games. We support esports and schools through fundraisers and other Next Level Gaming events.

The Competitions!


Through fundraisers or other means, competitions are hosted online or at the school with our mobile game theaters, depending on which games we are competing in.  There is no limit to how many times a school can enter a single or multiple competitions.  Winning individuals and teams represent their school while competing in county competitions

County Championships:

Top players from each school in a county will compete online or at a designated location to find the best players and teams in the county.  Depending on the game and number of entrants, up to the top 5 individuals or teams from each county will compete at the next level.  


The NLG Cup Championships for will be held once per year for each esports game in the series.  The champs will win their prizes and, assuming they are still in the same school the following year, will automatically be entered to compete the following year.


Prizing is based on number of entrants in a given region.  The more entrants, the larger the payout.  Each region will win cash prizes.  If even two people sign up in any region, someone wins!


  • Student/Teams Win Gift Cards or in-game currency
  • Winning Team/Students are entered into County Championships
  • Unlimited schools can register but only 24 schools can advance 
  • Schools can enter unlimited number of times (top score is the only one kept)

CountY Championships:

  • Top team from each of the 24 winning schools in the county compete for one of the 3 open spots representing that county in NLG Championships
  • Student/Teams and the winning school receive cash, gift cards, or in-game currency based on how many schools are competing in the county championships
  • Top 24 schools enter into NLG Championships
  • Prizing based on number of school entries

NLG Championships:

  • 24 Entries (from County Championships)
  • Winning team and school receives $500 each 
  • Second place school and team receive $250 each
  • Third place school and team receive $125 each 

The Games (2023)!

Offline/Local Games
Bring the Next Level Gaming mobile game theater(s) to your school for these competitions.  
  • Mario Kart
  • NBA 2k24
  • Street Fighter 6
Online Games
Played online from the comfort of home.  Either of the below tournaments when run as a fundraiser for the school may qualify for a free or reduced offline tournament.
  • Fortnite (Squads only)
  • Call of Duty (Warzone) (Quads only) 

The Dates (2023)!

School Qualifiers: Active now – May, 2024
County Championships: June, 2024
NLG Cup Championships: June, 2024

Entry Fee:
School Fundraiser ($10)

March 14th

March 15th

March 16th
Baltimore City
Havre De Grace

March 17th

March 21st
Upper Marlboro

March 22th
Washington, DC

March 23rd
Hunt Valley

March 24th

This sortable and searchable list of games is not exhaustive and is currently and always being updated.  We literally have hundreds of games and they change periodically.  We are always adding the latest and greatest games.  If you don’t see a game you’re interested in here, call us! 

When you book your party, you can choose what rating of games are allowed to be played in the theater.  Our game coaches will ensure only games up to that rating are played.  They’ll ask you for other ratings if they discover your gamers want to play a different, similarly appropriate game! 

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Next Level Gaming MD, Game Truck Tournaments
GameRatingOffline PlayableOutdoor Party
Call of Duty - WarZoneMatureNoYes
Call of Duty - Cold WarMatureNo
Apex LegendsTeenNoNo
Mario Kart 8EveryoneYesYes
Super Smash BrosEveryoneYesYes
Madden 22EveryoneYesYes
Gang BeastsEveryoneYesYes
Five Nights at FreddiesTeenYes
Plants Vs ZombiesEveryone
Kirby All StarsEveryoneYesYes
Jackbox 7TeenNoYes
Just DanceEveryoneYesOnly
Mario and Sonic OlympicsEveryoneYesOnly
Miles MoralesTeen YesNo
Super Mario PartyEveryoneYesYes
Among UsEveryoneNoNo
Microsoft Flight SimulatorEveryoneYesNo
Street Fighter VTeenYes
Mortal Kombat 11MatureYesYes
Puyo Puyo TetrisEveryoneYesYes
MLB The GameEveryoneYes
Nickelodeon All Star BrawlEveryoneYesNo
Marvel Ultimate AllianceYes
Forza 7EveryoneYesNo
Madden 2020EveryoneYesYes
WWE2k Battle GroundsTeenYesYes
Uncharted Nathan DrakeTeenNo
Uncharted 4TeenYesNo
Batman Arkham KnightMatureYesNo
God of WarMatureYesNo
Hot Wheels UnleashedEveryoneYesNo
Dragonball Fighter ZTeenYes
Gran TurismoEveryoneYesYes
The Last of UsMatureYesNo
Jedi Fallen OrderTeenYesNO
Lego AvengersEveryoneYesNo
Lego DC SupervillainsEveryone 10+YesNo
Assassins Creed OriginsMatureYesNo
Cobra KaiTeenYesNo
Ace Combat 7TeenYesNo
CTR Nitro FueledEveryoneYesNo
Killer InstinctTeenYesNo
Gears of WarMatureYesNo
Cyberpunk 2077MatureYesNo
Spyro Reignited TrilogyEveryoneYesNo
Sims 4TeenYesYes
NFS HeatTeenYesNo
NHL 2022EveryoneYesYes
Untitled Goose GameEveryoneYesNo
Utility GearTeenNoNo
Jump ForceTeenYesNo
Super Monkey BallEveryoneYesYes
Sonic ForcesEveryoneYesYes
NBA 2k Playgrounds 2EveryoneYesYes
Genesis ClassicsTeenYesNo
Super Mario 3D WorldEveryoneYesYes
Super Mario Bros DeluxeEveryoneYesYes
Ultimate Alliance 3TeenYesNo
Super Smash BrosEveryoneYesYes
Instant SportsEveryoneYesYes
Mario Kart 8EveryoneYes