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Battle Royale Tournaments – The kids new favorite way to raise money for the school!

Free Services

Win just by getting the most votes for your school.

Free Credits

People have the party.  School Gets the credit.

Serving public schools in the following cities and counties:
Anne Arundel, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Washington DC


How it works:

  1. Private online Battle Royales for your school.
  2. Players pay a small fee ($10) to compete/play.
  3. Live streamed on YouTube
  4. Winning players are awarded game currency.
  5. School receives 40% of the raised funds.

Fundraising Info:

  • Must be a school or organization with over 250 members
  • No on-site, no staff, no selling necessary
  • Run fundraiser as often as desired
  • Games currently include Mario Kart 8, Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, Fall Guys

Free Services

How it works:

  1. Vote for your school each month.
  2. Each month, the school with the most votes in each county wins (must redeem within 45 days)
  3. Winner schools choose the desired service and date M – Th.

Qualifications to win Free Event:

  • School must be within 30 miles of zip 21046 by Google Maps
  • Public Elementary, Middle, and High Schools
  •  Must have a location suitable to park the game theater
  • No school can win twice in the same year

Free Credits

How it works:

  1. Customers of Next Level Gaming receive a post-event survey to choose a school to credit.
  2. Schools receive $25 credit toward any service 
  3. Ten event credits – one free school event M-Th (can redeem anytime this school year).

School to win Free CREDITS:

  • School must be within our service area DC/MD up to 40 miles of 21046
  • Each summer, credits reset to zero
  • Must have a location suitable to park the game theater
  • Schools can win as many times as the earned

Help your school now!

Vote below to see if your school is listed before you register.

Got questions? We know you do!

How do we get know that our school community hosted 10 parties?

At the end of each private party/event, there will be a survey sent to the customer.  They’ll be able to to select from registered schools to identify their own.  If the school isn’t registered, they won’t be able to choose it.
When your school reaches ten credits, we will contact the person on record to let them know.

How does the voting work?

At the beginning of each month, the voting link is opened up. If your school is registered, all you do is select your county and school to vote. That’s it.  

At the midpoint of each month, the voting closes and winners from each county are notified.

The process repeats the following month.

We're in a small school. Can we win?

Of course you can.  You might just have to engage more than just the local school community.  Also, remember, fair shake, 10 parties by members also win a free school event.

My school doesn't have enough credits for a free event. Can we still get a service?

Yes!  But it wouldn’t be free.  Your selected service would receive $25 off per credit, up to $250.  10 credits would mean a free game theater or laser tag event anytime Monday – Thursday, depending on availability.

How does the fundraiser work?

Just give us a call or send an email and we’ll get you set.  We’ll schedule a date and time for the online event and send you a template email to send to families who have kids that would want to play.

Parents/kids will register online, we run the event, the school receives payout and the awards to give to the winning competitors.

We're ready! What't my first step?

Scroll up and register your school.  We’ll be in touch after that.

If it’s already registered, we’ll let you know.