Fee Schedule

What do our prices mean?

Services Pricing

We price our services all the same, based on time. 

Travel Fees

All of our travel within 20 miles of our Next Level Gaming headquarters, in the zip code of 21046, is free!!!  
Over 20 miles, we consider the additional cost of fuel and team time in our pricing.

Team Surcharge

We hire and train the best.  We intend to keep it that way.  Why?  Because we believe it makes YOUR experience way better.  Isn’t that really what it’s all about?
We keep our prices competitive with the competition even though we bring a great deal more to the table.
Our team is motivated to do a great job because they enjoy what they do, but also because tips are often a result of great work.  Large events tend to be harder to manage and the busy organizers are often focused on other important things to remember to offer the team a tip at the end.
Governments are often not allowed to give tips.  
Our team has the fortune of selecting which events they wish to work.  Non-private events tend to be more chaotic and offer little or no tipping, so they’re harder to staff.  
The Team Surcharge is basically the built-in tip which goes directly to the team members.