Event Laser Tag

Laser Tag at your Event!

  1. Customers Pay to Play:  Depending on historical event size and demographic, we could have customers pay a certain amount to pay and there’s no cost to the organization hosting the event.
  2. Event Pays Next Level Gaming: Some events want to treat us as a FREE attraction.  In those cases, the Event organizers pay us to be there.  Pricing depends on what the setup request is (we can talk about that too).
  3.  We Pay to be at the Event (1):  We typically do *not* exercise this option unless we have a history of success at the event.  In the case we do, then the price would be negotiated.  Our laser tag requires a field space of approx 80′ x 60′ (or more if available)
  4. We Pay to be at the Event (2): We set up and track sales.  Next Level Gaming would revenue-share with the event at a tier-based percentage appropriate to the sales generated.
  5. Reduced Risk – Event Pays and Sells Tickets:  Event pays Next Level Gaming and sells tickets at their price to customers.  Sales  split between organizations.
PackagesBase Event Laser TagUpgraded Event Laser TagUltimate Event Laser Tag
Price - (6 Hours including setup/teardown)$1,799$1,999$2,999/$2,999
Additional hour$249$299$449
SummaryLaser Tag for ages 8+. Adults and kids alike can enjoy our tactical laser tag systems and objective based games.Awesome Laser Tag plus additional speakers for more immersive games and sounds, additional utility boxes for more game objective possibilities, and an off-gun score display.Super Sound Package, with additional equipment which include 6 even more advanced laser tag guns, more utility boxes, shock bracelets, laser grenades, up to 16 inflatable bunkers, the inflatable maze/base, and laser lights for night-time gaming.
Ideal ForBirthday parties and quick eventsEvents where players are a little older (13+) and want to play games which may be a little more challengingAn ultimate laser tag experience where adults and kids test their skills and experience Call of Duty style gaming.
Utility Boxes246
TV Score DisplaysOn the Tagger11
BunkersUp to 8Up to 8Up to 16 + Inflatable Maze
Field Sound/Music Speakers012