ESports: A Quiet But Massive Sport of Playing Video Games

ESports: A Quiet But Massive Sport of Playing Video Games

How many times have you heard your mother tell you to stop playing video games? Not just your family, some people think that playing video games will ruin you. The World Health Organization (WHO) even officially classified video game addiction as a mental disorder. 

Although playing video games can turn into an addiction, when done moderately, it can be an enjoyable hobby that can prevent depression and anxiety amidst other mental health illnesses. Not only that, but it can also become a potential source of revenue.

ESports is a massive industry that is generating millions of revenues per year and is projected to generate billions of dollars worldwide over the next few years. It is the fastest-growing segment within the entire sporting world.

Professional video gamers are making millions per year. Fortnite player Tyler “Ninja” Blevins earned $17 million in 2019 and was #1 on Forbes Highest-Paid Players of 2019.

With its massive popularity to the younger age group and its skyrocketing revenue, US universities and colleges perceive that ESports can potentially be a good career option and are now offering ESports programs.

Types of Games in ESports:

Like any other sports, Esports is made up of professional players, teams, and coaches. The most popular types of games are:

  1. MOBA – multiplayer online battle arena, popular games are Dota 2 amassing over 52 million viewers in 2018 and League of Legends with $6.5 million top prize money during the 2018 LoL World Championship
  2. FPS – first-person shooter games center around weapon-based combat with two teams competing against each other, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, and Counter-Strike are classic favorites. Fortnite and PlayerUnknown: Battlegrounds are also gaining popularity.
  3. RTS – real-time strategy. This type of game is all about strategic planning to react to events as the game progresses and rapid execution to claim victory against other teams. Small mistakes can cause players to lose the game. StarCraft II or Warcraft III is the most popular in eSports.

Competitions usually take place in large-scale arenas. Players assemble by specific games with each team divided by leagues based on geographic location. 

Games are regulated by whoever hosted the event for that season while earnings come from viewership, ticket sales for esports events, sponsorships and brand contributions, prize pools, and major live events.

Still not sold on the idea that your kid is playing video games all the time? Three teens are in the Top 25 Highest Paid Esports Players in 2020.

The second placer in FNCS Invitationals 2020, UK’s Wolfiez, 16, took home $130,000. 16 years old, American gamer “Furious” secured victory in the FNCS Grand Finals in North America – both earning $120,000+ and Germany’s JannisZ, 15 took home $120,000.00.

This is just the money they earned from their respective games. Sponsorships, bonuses, and salaries for being part of a team are still not included.

Maybe it’s high time you introduce your kids to e-games if they haven’t discovered it yet. If they are already showing an interest in eSports you should start testing their skills.

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