Online Tournaments

Super local, Super fun, Total Community!

School Competitions!

Free with Every booking

Book your school event with Next Level Gaming and receive a free online Fortnite or Call of Duty tournament with prizes for the top player. 


The ultimate way to raise money for your school – playing video games against your own school!  Top individual players win in-game currency prizes.  Top teams compete against other top teams.

Organizational Competitions!

Next Level Gaming Hosts private battle royale and high-count participant video gaming events for corporate, educational, and military organizations. The team building which results can offer a range of benefits, fostering teamwork, communication, and camaraderie among colleagues.

Easy to do, inexpensive, and fantastic benefits!  Let us get you going!



School Booking:

  •  Solos Winner: 1000 Vbucks or CoD points
  • Duos and Quads Winning Team: Qualify to compete against other school teams for larger prizes
  • Solos Winner: 2800 Vbucks or CoD (Bounty: Win 2800 Vbucks or 2000 CoD points)
  • Duos and Quads Winning Team: In-game currency and qualify to compete against other school teams for larger prizes

Fun is serious business

Building an event?  Let us help you make it epic for your team.

Our Game Theaters take Your Corporate parties to the Next Level

Our game theaters have all the elements to bring people together around their favorite games.

  • Tournaments and gaming competitions for all ages
  • Outdoor music & karaoke
  • Trivia and interactive games
People at the Next Level Gaming Cup

Make our Mobile Arena a part of your large venue event

  • 4-pack gaming systems full setup. Up to 8 simultaneous players
  • 5 – 10 pack 50″ screens with consoles.  From 20 – 40 simultaneous players
  • 120″ – 150″ big screen, high player capacity gaming and trivia. Up to 100 players.
  • Any combination of options

Discover Team effectiveness with our Virtual Reality

  • Up to 8 Meta Quest Systems
  • Great when combined with mobile arena
Virtual Reality Party

Explore team tactics and strategies with tactical laser tag

  • Up to 24 players per round
  • Two types of laser taggers, our base model and our advanced adult model