Online Tournaments

Super local, Super fun, Total Community!

School Competitions!

Free with Every booking

Book your school event with Next Level Gaming and receive a free online Fortnite or Call of Duty tournament with prizes for the top player. 


The ultimate way to raise money for your school – playing video games against your own school!  Top individual players win in-game currency prizes.  Top teams compete against other top teams.

Organizational Competitions!

Next Level Gaming Hosts private battle royale and high-count participant video gaming events for corporate, educational, and military organizations. The team building which results can offer a range of benefits, fostering teamwork, communication, and camaraderie among colleagues.

Easy to do, inexpensive, and fantastic benefits!  Let us get you going!



School Booking:

  •  Solos Winner: 1000 Vbucks or CoD points
  • Duos and Quads Winning Team: Qualify to compete against other school teams for larger prizes
  • Solos Winner: 2800 Vbucks or CoD (Bounty: Win 2800 Vbucks or 2000 CoD points)
  • Duos and Quads Winning Team: In-game currency and qualify to compete against other school teams for larger prizes

Community Gaming Nights is an initiative by Next Level Gaming to bring people in the community together for fun and gaming. 

It’s time to enjoy a night out with your friends and/or family, and share that night with others in the community.  You get to participate and play popular family, fighting, sports, or combat games on the big screen with immersive surround sound.  Each event is open to the public and preregistration is *strongly* encouraged.


$18 Early Bird Online Sign up
$20 Regular Online Sign up
$23 *At The Door


$14 Early Bird Online Sign up
$15 Regular Online Sign up
$23 *At The Door

* If the event is full, at the door signups are unable to enter.

community game nights by next level gaming

The nightly Themes

Family Game and Trivia Night – Bring the whole family and play fun competitive games with other families or friends in the community.  Example Games: Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, Mario Kart, Just Dance, Among Us, Tetris

Sports Night – The most popular sports games are played with locals who share the passion. Example Games: Madden 23, NBA2k23, FIFA23, Rocket League, MLB, Golf)

Fight Night – One versus one get in the ring and battle it out. Example Games: Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat 11, Injustice 2, UFC 4, Super Smash Bros, Guilty Gear Strive

Team Combat Night – Grab your squad and show other squads how its done. Example Games: Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Rainbow 6 Siege, HALO

February's Games


Current Theaters Seeking a Theater
Annapolis - Harbour Center
Bethesda - Bethesda Row
Columbia - Snowden Square
Laurel - Laurel Town Center
Silver Spring
Glen Burnie
White Oak

Upcoming Months

Each month, we choose which games we will play in each theater based on popularity, customer request, and sometimes just plain experimentation.  




How we help local small businesses.

We would love to offer gift cards or discounts to potential patrons of your business.  During our Community Game Nights, we offer trivia games, and tournament-style video gaming.  Winners receive your gift card and the audience is made aware of your products and services through announcements made by the Next Level Gaming emcees during our events.  Contact us now at or click here if you would like to see our faqs or to sponsor community game nights with Next Level Gaming.